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Fast Food Orders display

This app shows all items of Clover order on Kitchen/Barista display Tablets.

Can have as many tablets as you wish on same Clover merchant account.


1. There are two versions of app above to download & install & open on Android Tablet:

Clover merchants are welcome to a 30-day free trial.

To decide between APK-Download-1 or APK-Download-2:


1-1: APK1 (Apk version '1') has extra features:

APK1 shows Order Types [Dine-In, Take-away, Delivery, etc]

APK1 has Qty sort feature: Shows (3) for three of same item one display line:

See below, displays Qty (3) for Three 'Ham & Cheese Panini' on one line of display:

APK1 has 'Done' action button on each line item.

Below is APK1 View:



1-2: We recommend APK-2 for very busy fast food outlets,

especially when they have very busy rush-hour times, mornings/lunchtimes.


APK-2 operates faster than APK-1,

Because APK-2 does not show Order types.

Has one 'DONE' button to move all order items from Open to Completed.

Does not have a 'Done' button on each line.

Does not do Quantity Sort

(Does not combine two or three of same items. Shows two Coffees as 'Coffee' on line 1, and 'Coffee' on line 2)

Below is an APK-2 view:



Notes re above screen view:

Standard Modifiers show in Red Font with a '+' symbol:

"+ 1 shot Espresso"   and  "+ Extra Cheese"

'Order title' shows ( G ) or ( Tony ) or ( Gina & Tom ) or ( Ann ):

See FAQ no 4, on how to enter Manual Order no as Text, instead of number 1-99.


2. To install display app:

Using Firefox browser on an Android Tablet, open this page [ https://retailcp.ie/display ]

Select either APK-Download-1 or APK-Download-2.

Download. Install & Open app.


2-1.Two ways to connect Fast Food Orders tablet display to your Clover merchant account:

(a) Use 'Connect QR' is an easy way to link to orders

(b) Enter your Clover admin user name & password.


For user notes on how to install display app on Android tablet, and show Clover orders,

see FAQ no-1 user notes, top right, select [ ? ] above 'FAQ'.


3. Display Tablet must be 'Android'

Display app works on Tablets with Android O.S. up to 10 (ten).

To know which OS your Tablet is on, under [Settings] scroll down to [About]

Most Tablets sold 2019 had Android OS 9.0. (during 2020, some new Tablets will have OS 10)


3-1. Which supplier of Android Tablet ?

Clover Merchants can buy any Android touchscreen Tablet from their preferred supplier,

Size needs to ne minimum 10-inches

(Useful to get 2-to-3-year hardware warranty.)


We recommend Samsung Tab-A 10.1-inch Android Tablet is very reliable.


3-2. To view kitchen Orders on a large wall-mounted TV screen,

Can share Samsung 10-inch Tablet view with a large Samsung Smart TV of any size.

All order details displayed on Samsung 10.1-inch Tablet, will copy to Samsung TV screen.

Use Samsung 'Smart Connect' free s-w to connect Samsung Android Tablet to Samsung large smart TV.

Can Google "Samsung screen sharing" to learn how to mirror screen from Samsung Tab-A onto large Samsung Smart TV



3-3. To get a larger Android Tablet at a reasonable cost:

Some Clover USA merchants have advised ELO Android Tablets are good value for large sized Tablets

I-Series 2.0 for Android 15.6-inch AiO Touchscreen

I-Series 2.0 for Android 22-inch AiO Touchscreen



4. Fast Food Orders display app pricing:

One monthly fee per Clover merchant account.

Can install display app on as many Tablets as you wish.


The 'Fast Food Orders' app will display all line items Drinks & Hot food etc.

Can set one display showing 'Open' orders, and 2nd display showing 'Completed' orders


For restaurants that need to show Drink or Food order items on separate tablets for Barista & Kitchen,

RetailCP supply the Restaurant Live Orders display app, See https://retailcp.ie/liverestaurant



5. Benefits: Display Tablet app replaces Kitchen printers.


Changes to orders are updated 'electronically' on display tablet (every 15-seconds refresh)

Using printers, a new ticket prints when orders are changed-updated.

Save ongoing cost of ticket printer ribbons & paper rolls.

Fast Food Orders display App should also save staff time compared to handling many paper tickets.