'Fast Food Order' App is designed for take-away restaurants.


We recommend 'APK Download2' (Two), our new 'high-volume' version, dated March 2017.


'APK' means 'Application Program' 

You need to install the 'APK file or program' on each Android kitchen 'display tablet'.


The App will show order items on Android kitchen display tablets.

App replaces the need for Kitchen printers & saves the cost of ticket printer paper rolls.


Which manufacturers Tablets ?

We recommend NABI Tablet. https://www.nabitablet.com/nabi-big-tab-hd24 ).

NABI BigTab sizes include 20-inch & 24-inch.


( For large displays, please do NOT use SonicView or Digiland monitors with our App.)


Note 1. New user.

Step 1-A. Download PDF file, installation & user notes,  top right.


Step 1-B. To start a 30-day FREE trial, open a Web-browser, open your Clover account App Market.

Find 'Fast Food Orders Display' App & click on ( Accept & Install ), & 'Launch'.

Web-browser screen opens on our support page & includes your unique Barcode (Account App Activation code).

You will need this Barcode to install the APK onto each tablet.


Step 1-C. To install 'Fast Food Orders Web-App' on each kitchen Android display Tablet.

We recommend to use the  'Firefox' Internet browser.

Open URL https:/retailcp.ie/display & select 'APK download'.

(APK is the application program that runs on an Android Tablet, to display orders).



Note on how to connect your kitchen display Android tablet to your Clover orders account.

Your Clover orders are online at Clover.com.

The Fast Food Orders App needs to get permission to connect via the internet cloud to your Clover order details.

When you select 'Launch' after signing up for App, we supply you with your own unique account-App-QR barcode.

This barcode gives each kitchen Android tablet permission to connect to your Clover Orders account.

The 'Display' Application program (APK) works on Android Tablets.

(Does not work on i-Pads).


Follow the notes on PDF install-user guide, or the install notes below from '3' to '5'.


Note points ( 5.) below on how to Sign-in each Android display-Tablet.

Either sign-in with Clover-owner email & password (see 5-4 below).

or, 'recommended', Connect with QR-barcode on any browser device screen,

Detailed notes on QR Barcode sign-in are points 5, 5-1, 5-2 & 5-3 below.



Processing speeds for new APK Download2, the fastest App

Setting [A] Only ‘Open’ Orders view. ( Fastest way to process )

Press [Done] button, to move completed order off Tablet 'OPEN orders view’

[ Done ] button takes [ 2.5 ] seconds & shows ‘Please wait’ pop-up (3) times.

Same speed for order with one, two, three, or more than (10) line items.


Setting [B] Open & Completed Orders.

Only use [B] if your server-waiter needs to see what’s completed by kitchen.

With fifty (50) orders entered on Clover & ‘Open’, will process ‘DONE’ button in five (5) seconds.

With less than (15) orders on ‘Open’ display view, will process ‘DONE’ button in three (3) seconds.


Existing users can replace 'Fast Food Orders' Apk-1, with the new APK-2 on each display Tablet.


How to remove & replace 'APK' on each Android Tablet

  • Press-&-hold 'Fast Food Orders' ICON, slide off Tablet screen into [Uninstall Bin]
    •   And confirm 'Yes' to uninstall.
  • Use Firefox Browser to open this support page, before you select 'APK download' above
    • Other browsers do not download APK (Application program) properly
  • Follow the 'on-screen' install notes.



Note. On a separate discussion.
If you need technical help to improve your online website, please email to app@retailcp.ie .
Please send us your website URL & contact tel no.



Differences between two 'Fast Food Orders' App versions, new 'APK-2' & older 'APK-1' 


The new APK-2 program does not sort Quantities,

& that is why is can process 'DONE' button faster than the older APK-1 version.


APK Download1 [One] (version date 15th November 2016) .

This version will 'Sort' Qty 'four Steaks' on Clover order, into (4) Steaks on display screen.

That 'sorting' takes longer to clear Orders.

That is why APK-1 is not suitable for high-volume ( 50 orders in ten minutes).



2.  APK-1 older App. Features 'Qty Sort'

APK-1, older version App combines quantities of same item to display ( 3 ) Coffee as one line on display Tablet.

(Other Apps which do not 'Sort', will show three lines on kitchen display, as Coffee, Coffee & Coffee)

APK-1 shows, Order #, Table #, Order Types (Dine In, To Go, Delivery)


That 'sorting' takes longer to clear Orders, and is not suitable for high-volume ( 50 orders in ten minutes).

APK-1 (one) takes from (7) to (12) seconds to process [Done] button.

The time to process orders is based on Tablet-type, WiFi signal & number of line items per order.

To provide the 'Sorting'' features, takes longer to process 'Done' action button.


Alerts for 'New Order' or 'Due Now' when time since order placed on Clover equals 'Preparation Time',

the alert will sound & the words 'Due Now' will appear on top, if that Order is still 'Open', not 'Done'.





Install Notes below to put either APK-2 or APK-1 program onto kichen Android tablets.



3-1 Can install App on as many Android kitchen screens as you wish, per Clover merchant account.

One monthly fee per merchant account covers all display Tablets at that restaurant-kitchen.

Display App does not work on I-Pad, MAC Apple OS (Operating System).


3-2 Security settings to make sure Android screen or Tablet will allow APK download. 

On the 'Security Settings' of each Android Tablet, must enable the "allow apps from unsecure source" setting.

If you are still using a Digiland (USA) Android display, under "App Permissions" you need to un-check the

setting "Manage App permissions for security & privacy protection". {Uncheck so that this is OFF}.


4. Remove-uninstall older version from display-Tablet before you download latest "Fast Food Orders Display" Apk. 

Uninstall-remove existing by pressing & holding 'Food Orders Display' ICON (under APPS),

Slide into "Uninstall box" & confirm 'Uninstall'.

If APK install does not open first time, go to Tablet 'Files', & 'Downloads', 

select most recent 'Fast Foods Orders APK' file by download date-time, & 'Install' & 'Open'.


5. Two choices to Sign-in new Android kitchen Tablet or large screen.
[Connect with QR Barcode] works for any Android Tablet, which has a back-camera as 'Scanner'.
Get QR Code from your Clover account, via App Market, Fast Food Orders Display [Launch].
Allow kitchen Tablet to scan the QR barcode (which is viewing on other Web-browser device).
[Connect] see step 5.4 below, will ask for Clover owner email & password.
Does not require camera-scanner.
For [Connect QR]  there are two steps.
[5.1] Generate QR Barcode on browser device.
[5.2 & 5.3] Scan QR Barcode using Tablet.

5-1  Open Clover merchant online account using any browser device, PC, Laptop or a 2nd Tablet.

Can use Clover station as a Web-browser device, by downloading FREE 'Clover Browser' from App Market.

On App Market, using Web-browser, open "Installed Apps", select 'Fast Food Orders Display' & select [Launch].

Browser screen opens to our support page & displays a QR (barcode) Activation code.

(This QR barcode screen view is needed to Sign-in kitchen display-Tablet, Steps 5-2 & 5-3 below )


5-2 Using the kitchen Android display Tablet, download APK File.

(APK is an application program which runs display App on Androif Tablet)

Using a 'Firefox' browser on kitchen Android Tablet, open URL https://retailcp.ie/display,

Click [Yes] when screen asks permission.

Select ‘Install’ & ‘Open’, & follow notes below, Step 5-3 ( Sign-In).


5-3 To 'Sign-in' Tablet first time, by scanning QR Barcode.

When you select [ Connect with QR ] button, the Tablet scanner (Camera) automatically opens. 


Each Clover account [Launch] will generate it's own unique [App Activation barcode].

Example below is for RetailCP's own test account & will be of no use for our customers.


Point Tablet back camera-scanner at the QR Barcode on screen of other browser device in 5-1 above.

Within seconds of scanning the QR (barcode) activation code,

he kitchen-display Tablet will confirm  'Congratulations. You are Connected'. 

See 5-5 below, then note 6. Settings, before you can view your Clover orders. 


5-4  Alternative method to 'Connect' first time is to 'Log in' using Clover account email & password

This option [Connect] will only work on some Android Tablets. ( Sure way to 'Connect' is 5-1, 5-2 & 5-3 above.)

If when you select [Connect] & your Tablet succesfully opens URL to Clover authentication URL,

where your screen view as below, then Sign-in with Clover owner 'user' & 'password' credentials.

When correct email & password credentials are verified by Clover,

Tablet will 'Connect' to your Clover station order details. See 5-5.


5-5. Tablet is Connected.

Select (OK). See note 6. Settings, to ensure display screen will obtain orders from Clover-station.


6. Settings on each display screen-Tablet

First time to use 'Fast Food Orders Display' on a Tablet, go to Settings, '3 dots' top-right of screen

You can name each Tablet as you wish.

Can set 'Refresh Rate' to minimum 10-seconds, and up to maximum of 12-minutes.

Each refresh shows [Please wait] for a second on screen. We think 30-seconds is a good refresh speed.

The Refresh rate determines how often App looks for new & updated Clover orders


7. Choose ( A) for 'Open view' only & [Done] button to complete & remove items from display.

Choose ( B ) if Waiter, or 2nd 'Finishing' area needs to view Completed Orders.

Can toggle between Open & Completed Views.

Kitchen staff can select 'In Progress' when works starts on an 'Open' Order, 

or can skip & select [Done] button to move items  to 'Completed' view.


Kitchen or Waiter mark completed orders as 'Delivered' to move off display view.

[a] Press Line [DELIVERED] button above, to move one line only off [Completed] view,


[b] tab order anywhere, & screen pops-up as below.

Select [Delivered] button on that pop-up, to move all order items off the [Completed] display screen.


Status of orders is available instantly to kitchen & servers-waiters & bar staff. 

The Clover station 'Orders' lists the status on each line item as 'open' if kitchen have not started,
or 'In Progress', 'Completed' or 'Delivered'.  App provides clear communication.
For manual refresh, toggle between 'Open' & 'Completed’ & ‘Open’.

8-1  Time Limit before an Order is 'Overdue' or 'DUE NOW'  

Each Restaurant will specify their own ‘Preparation Time’ or ‘Time Limit’. Example above.

If an order is not started '6 minutes' since entered on Clover, we highlight Order as "DUE NOW".


For default setting (All 'Open-saved & paid orders), displays all orders, including 'not-yet-paid'.

We start to display order items, after next 'refresh' & before order is 'Paid' on Clover.

This allows kitchen or Barista to start on order items immediately. Will suit fast food & Coffee shops.


Setting 'Only Paid Orders' is when kitchen only start on an order, after it is 'paid' on Clover.

For this setting {Only Paid Orders}, you can change 'Refresh rate' to 10-seconds,

if 30-secs is not fast enough for your kitchen.


8-2  'Maximum Order Age' will only display orders back to that time.

Default starts at 45-minutes, then 2-hours, increasing to 12-hours.

App will not display any orders older than the 'maximum order age', you set.

If set to 45-minutes, then orders started more than 45-mins will not be displayed.

(We recommend 45-mins as 'Max' for fast food).


8-3  Default is to show Oldest orders from Left to Right, as above.

Setting can be changed & 'Saved' to show newest orders from left.


8-4  On older APK-1 version, the 'Qty-sort' can be switched Off.

That will reduce work to-do & should help Tablet-App to process 'Done' button faster.

Our notes above recommend to switch from APk-1, to use new 'faster' APK-2.



Always select [ Save Settings ]



Please email your questions to app@retailcp.ie ,

If you need us to phone you, please include your tel no & city-time zone.