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Frequently Asked Questions


Step 1: Sign up on Clover app market for Restaurant Live Kitchen display & Customer View app:



Subscriptions updated 17th August 2020 in USA-Canada: Reduced monthly fees for Kitchen display app:

i.e. USD 9, CAD 12 for 'One Clover orders device' with Kitchen displays

and USD 12, CAD 16 for 'Many Clover orders devices' with Kitchen displays.


'One Clover device' subscription for Kitchen display tablets if you have only one Clover unit to take orders.

If you sign up for 'One Clover' subscription for Kitchen display,

then each Clover station will share it's own orders with the display Tablets IP-connected to that Clover App IP address.


'Many Clover devices' subscription for Kitchen display tablets for more than one Clover station to enter orders.

For 'Many Clover' subscription, you need to nominate one station as the 'Master' to collect orders from nearby Clover units

(We suggest the busiest order-taking Clover)



"Customer View" new subscriptions USA-Canada 17th August 2020:

i.e. USD 9, CAD 12 for 'Customer View Only'

and USD 12, CAD 16 for 'Customer+Kitchen 1-C'.


If you sign up for 'Customer View Only" subscription, such as a Grocery store check-out:

(Subscription includes One Clover device linked to Customer View 'Order Entry' and 'Payment View' tablets in Portrait mode,

showing line item prices & order total amounts)

Each one Clover station per customer line (queue), will share it's own orders with the Tablets connected to that Clover App IP address.

[a] Customer View 'Order Entry'. [b] Customer View 'Payment View' at pick-up window.


You open Restaurant Live Orders app on each Clover device. Each will be dedicated to one order entry & pick-up line/queue.

Connect (pair) the IP Address of each ONE Clover order station-device to one associated Customer View Android Tablet.


If you sign up for 'Customer+Kitchen 1-C" subscription, such as a Drive-Thru:

with Order entry Clover device, a pick-up window Clover station, and Kitchen order displays.

(Subscription includes One Clover device linked to Customer View 'Order Entry' and 'Payment View' tablets in Portrait mode,

showing line item prices & order total amounts, plus Kitchen displays filtered by Drinks-Food preparation areas)


One Clover device linked to Customer View 'Order Entry'

One Clover device linked to Customer View 'Payment View' tablets in Portrait mode.

Can dedicate as many display Tablets as you need, to show orders from one Clover device:


see FAQ ( 1-B ) for details on setting up Customer View tablets.


Below Clover station screen choice of Master vs Client Clover device:

Only relevant for Kitchen display subscription for 'Many Clover' order taking stations-Flexs:


The 'Master' Clover should be the busiest order taking station.

It will collect orders from other local nearby Clover stations-Flexs.

'Master' station will send all orders to whatever number of Android display Tablets are connected locally.




Step 2: Import Labels from Clover Inventory into Restaurant Live app:

Open Clover station Restauarant Live app
Enter preparation times per Label & 'save settings'.

(Display tablets use these times to send 'Due Now' alert when an order is late from kitchen.)


When all preparation times are entered, select [Save Settings]:

That will import the Label-IDs & prep times and make them available for the display Tablets.


Kitchen displays use Clover Inventory Label-IDs to specify kitchen preparation areas:

'Hot Food', 'Drinks', 'Starters-Appetisers', 'Mains', 'Desserts' etc.

Labels must be imported as above on Clover Master so that display tablets can SYNC Labels

The prep times entered above are used by display tablers to decide when to show a 'Due Now' alert.


Step 3: Set backgound Colors (Colours) for Order Types i.e. Dine-In, Take-Away, Delivery


3-1: To import [ Order Types ] into the app:

Clover station app screen (4) buttons above: Select  [ Order Types ]


3-2: App imports Order types from your Clover ( Dine-In, Take-away, Delivery )


3-3: Below, choose the background Color (Colour) for each 'Order Type'


3-4: Select Color & click 'OK':

The saved colors (colours) will show on order display tablet views




Step 4: Clover Master Server IP Address:

Select the LAN button and select 'START SERVER'


Above Clover station Master screen, shows Server IP address (example

(Each Clover merchant will show an IP address which is made available by local router).

(example above is yours will be different) and Server Port will always show : 49152 .


Write down IP Address, or can leave Clover master screen open showing Server IP

You will need the IP No & Port No when connecting each 'Client' Clover station & kitchen display to Clover 'Master'.

(As explained on FAQ no 2)



Customer View App with options for ‘Order Entry’ & ‘Payment View’

(Portrait Android tablet facing customer. Choose any size.)


Sign up on Clover app-market. Choice one of two 'Customer View' subscriptions:

Either ‘Customer View’ or ‘Customer + Kitchen for 1-Clover’.


See FAQ no 1. Open Restaurant Live orders app on Clover station or Flex.

Decide whether to SYNC Order types or ignore if not required.

(I.e. do you need Order types: Dine-in, Drive-Thru, Delivery etc to show on Customer View tablet ?)

Get IP address from Clover which you need below to connect Customer View tablet app to Clover orders.)


Step 1. For customer facing screen, can only use Android tablet:

On each tablet, use Firefox browser to open support page : https://retailcp.ie/liverestaurant

Click on button “APK Customer View”: top of support page.

Download, Install and Open the app:



Step 2: On Customer View tablet, click on “Connect” button below

(to link Customer View tablet to nearby 'associated' Clover device)


Step 3: Read IP address from Clover station-Flex. (See FAQ no 1)

Enter IP address on Customer View tablet. Click on ‘Connect to server’:



Step 4: Tablet opens in Portrait mode to Customer View ‘Order Entry’ screen:

See top-right above: Click on (3-dots) to open ‘Settings’



Step 5: Customer View tablet. Click 3-dots; Opens ‘Settings’ as below:






Step 6: Customer View tablet. Qty Sort settings are switched to ‘ON’:


Step 7: Customer View tablet.  Switch ‘Order Entry’ to ‘Payment View’

(Drive-Thru use ‘Order Entry’ screen at first Clover station or Flex.

Use ‘Payment View’ tablet linked to Clover at ‘pick-up’ window.)

(Grocery store check-out: Use ‘Order Entry’ screen linked to Clover)





Step 8 : Customer View tablet. Payment View for Drive-Thru.

(Use ‘Payment View’ tablet linked to Clover at ‘pick-up’ window.

Click on ‘SYNC Order types if “Drive-Thru” Order Type is needed )



Step 9: Order Entry example with Quantity Sort set to ‘ON’:

(Shows “(2) Baked feta & tomatoes” on one line)




Step 10: Order Entry. Qty-Sort-OFF

Set Quantity Sort set to ‘OFF’:

(Shows “Baked feta & tomatoes” on two separate lines)






Step 11:  Payment View. Qty Sort ON

(Shows “(2) Baked feta & tomatoes” on one line)
















The 'Kitchen display' app is downloaded on each Android Tablet from the main page of this website.

Display Tablets must be Android with OS (operating system) 4.4 and higher

On Android Tablet hardware 'Settings', open 'Security' & select option to allow 'Install of unknown apps'

Select option to 'Allow install from the browser' that you use to open our support page for 'Apk Download'


Step 1: Download & Install display app onto Tablet.

On each Android Tablet, use 'Firefox' browser to open https://retailcp.ie/liverestaurant

Select [ APK Kitchen Display ] button.

Follow on-screen notes to Install & Open Apk on Tablet.



Select USA or EU, based on your location:



Step 2: Connect Android display tablet to Clover station:

When APK is downloaded-installed-opened on each display Tablet,

select App settings (3-dots on top right of Tablet App screen):


Select option "LAN Connection Details"


Below, enter the IP Address from Clover 'master' Server IP:

Enter Port no 49152.

Click on 'Connect to Server'


(When display Tablets connects, the Clover 'master' screen will show the Tablet IP Address.)



Step 3SYNC buttons: Labels, Inventory, OrderTypes:

First time to use each display Tablet, after APK install, or after re-install:

Must select [3] SYNC buttons on top row: SYNC LABELS ; SYNC INVENTORIES ; SYNC ORDER-TYPE.


Register Lite merchants; Do not select SYNC OrderTypes

(Register Lite does not enable 'Order Types'  I.e. Dine-In, Delivery etc)



Step 4Display Settings: ( A ) Only view 'Open' orders. ( B  ) View Open & Completed Orders:

On Display Tablet under 'Settings' (3-dots on top right of Tablet App screen):


If only kitchen or Barista staff only will use display Tablets, then select (A) to only have 'Open' orders view.



If front counter staff will need a display to know when kitchen have completed orders-items, select ( B ).

This option allows you to switch between 'Open' & 'Completed' views on all display Tablets.


On the 'Completed' view, you can mark orders as 'Delivered' when dispatched to customer.

Selecting 'Delivered' removes the order off the Tablet view.


Step 5: Use LABELS drop-down to view Kitchen & Barista orders

Select a Label to filter order line items by preparation area such as  'Drinks' or 'Hot Food' etc.

When settings are [Saved], click on return arrow-button:

Then use dropdown arrow on Right to see list of Preparation areas.

They are the Clover Label-IDs updated on the Clover station APK set-up.


When settings are 'Saved' we show message Select 'OK' to continue.



Step 6: Options. Can switch some features Off or On: 'New Order' or 'Due Now' alerts or 'Qty Sort':



Below we show items when Qty Sort is switched On:
















Note 1: Clover station 'pushes' orders direct to display tablets using local network.

Clover orders are sent directly to display tablets using local network router (LAN).

('Live Orders Display' app does do not need to connect to Internet when receiving Clover orders)

The benefit is that displays work fast and show new order lines instantly.


Android Tablets will disconnect from Clover 'master station when not being used:

When display Tablets are left powered-on overnight, the Tablet operating system shuts down all Apps.

During a working day, when their is a gap of 40 minutes without new orders, tablets drop their LAN IP connections.


Need to maintain IP connections between display tablets and 'master' Clover station:


Note 2: To re-connect automatically each morning:

Power-off display Tablets at night & power-on each morning:


2-1: Tap on Clover station screen to 'wake it up' & sign in with user ID:

Open Restaurant Live app ICON on Clover station.

Select 'LAN' which should show no display Tablets connected

(because Clover had been in 'sleep power save mode' & Tablets were powered Off).


2-2. Power-on each Tablet.

Tap to open app Icon "Restaurant Live Orders" :

Each display Tablet should automatically 'connect to server'.



< = > Clover 'master' screen showing a tablet had 'connected'


Same for Clover 'client' stations. Open 'Live Orders' app. Select LAN.

Connect to server, to Clover 'app master' station:



2-3. If a display Tablet does not show new orders,

use 'App Settings', select the [3] SYNC buttons, OrderTypes, Inventory, Labels.


2-4.  If Tablet has switched into power-saving mode & you need to tap display screen & re-start 'Live Orders app'

If the Clover master LAN screen shows that tablet is not connected to it,

Open tablet display app settings [3-dots top right] & select "LAN REFRESH" button on right:





Note 3: When display tablet app is not connected,

below are ways to re-connect display tablet to Clover 'master' application:


3-1. To re-connect Tablet to Clover at start of each day or new shift:

If display tablets were powered-on all night, or drop connection during workday,

and do not show new Open orders:

Open Live Restaurant app on Clover Master, select LAN:

Click on 'RESET LAN' button.

Within 2-seconds, app clears all IP connections, as below:


To resolve IP connectivity : Open R-Live app on Clover Master, select LAN:

  • See below top right , select [ RESET LAN]

Above had one of the two display Tablets showing as connected:


After a few seconds as above work is done,


Clover Master screen shows all connections cleared as below:

Can then re-connect all display Tablets & 'client' Clover devices

as below:




3-2. When Android tablets go into sleep mode after aprox an hour of in-activity during working day,

(one way to keep tablet app to stay connected),

Switch the display view from Open to Summary & back to Open to show recent new order line items.


3-3. If display tablet was not in use for aprox an hour, (and was succesfully connected & working earlier same day),

and when re-started from 'sleep mode', the display does not show new Clover order line item,

try this quick re-start:

Tap Tablet screen to re-start it. Select hardware 'windows button' to view the apps which are open:

Assuming 'Live Orders display' app is available in background, tap the app screen to enlarge to full screen.

Usually this works. Tablet app shows 'connected to server' message automatically.


If Tablet display app does not show new orders, after above 'quick re-start',

use Tablet 'Close All' button to close display app:

   < = > 'Close All'


Next, select app icon & re-start display app. => Should auto connect to server.

(Useful to 'ADD' display app icon to Tablet main screen, for above).

If app-Icon is not visible on Tablet, open 'My Files', 'APK-Installation files', open 'Live display,,,apk'


3-4. If above '3-3' , that app does not show next new order line item,

open 'App Settings', select each of the [3] SYNC buttons: OrderTypes, Inventory, Labels.


The standard Clover order no is added (1 to 99, or 1 to 999 ).

To show Customer name on Order Title, turn-on Manual (cashier enters number/text)

as below:


On Clover online dashboard, Set-up  => "Order Receipts" under "Order numbers"


The standard setting is (o) Automatic (rolled over) where Clover Register adds '1' for next order no.

Select 3rd button (o) Manual (cashier enters number/text) & Save.


Turn-on Manual (cashier enters number/text) using Clover dashboard.



On Clover online dashboard, Set-up  


Click on "Order Receipts"



Under "Order numbers"

The standard setting is (o) Automatic (rolled over) where Clover Register adds '1' for next order no.



Turn-on Manual (cashier enters number/text) using Clover dashboard



Select 3rd button (o) Manual (cashier enters number/text) & Save.


Following that, when cashier selects ‘Save’ or ‘Pay’ after entering order line items,

the Clover Register will ask for 'Order no-text'.

Cashier can type any text, such as ‘a Name’ or ‘Address’ as the Order no.




Display Tablet shows the Customer name as the Order Title:


Above example shows a pop-up to see the order in an 'enlarged' view.


Both Standard and Custom modifiers work with Restaurant Live Order apps:

See below: Items with [+] Red font  are modifiers:



We recommend setting up all required modifiers as 'Standard'.

Saves staff time when entering orders.

Increases order accuracy:

Standard modifiers, descriptions & prices are accurate, without variations or typos.


1. To show modifiers with line items, use Inventory on Clover dashboard,

Set up Modifier groups & add modifiers to each group.



Suggestion: Can create a standard modifier named 'Late item'.

That can be added to any item ordered later than other same-similar items,

so that Barista or Kitchen can take notice 'this is a new item'.


Associate Modifier group or groups with Inventory items:




2. Using Standard modifiers, Clover cashier does not need to manually type notes with orders

Cashier simply taps the required modifiers.

Below is how display Tablet shows modifiers:

Each modifier is given a separate line.


The SUMMARY View on display tablet shows totals of all open items, for the selected preparation area.


On the display tablet, user can switch from 'Open' to 'Summary' button, as above.


The SUMMARY screen view will show:

Quantity of 'Open' items combined from all Open orders (not yet completed by kitchen).

When an Open item is marked 'DONE' it moves to Completed view

That item will instantly be subtracted from 'SUMMARY' quantity for that item.


The SUMMARY will ignore modifiers. Will show Quantity (nnn) by 'item name'


SUMMARY will show items from the preparation area selected:


or Mains

or Desserts, etc

If 'Kitchen ALL' view is selected, the SUMMARY will include every open item.


SUMMARY will show open items from orders up to 'Oldest Order' setting

If you select 45-mins as 'Oldest order',

the SUMMARY will not include open items from orders older than 45 minutes.


For the for Restaurant Live Orders display tablets,


If the WiFi signal from LAN Router is not strong in the kitchen area,

(because of distance, or a wall separates the two areas etc)


An easy solution is to install a WiFi booster device near to the display Tablet location.



To show Order types 'Dine-In', 'Take-Away', 'Delivery' on display tablets:



1. Use Clover dashboard 'Set-up' to create-add Order Type




2. On Android Kitchen display tablet, on top right of Tablet, select 'SYNC ORDERTYPE'


3. Return to view Orders. The Order Types will show above order lines: