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Frequently Asked Questions


Step 1. Sign up on Clover account App Market.

Use a Laptop or PC to open Clover app market.

Go to 'More Tools', 'Installed apps', and search for 'Fast Food Orders Display' App.

Select 'Accept & Install'.

When you open/Launch from Clover dashboard, your Laptop/PC browser screen opens on our support page,

and shows a QR Barcode

The QR Barcode is your (Account App Activation code).

See below, you will need this QR Barcode to connect each display app to your Clover orders account.

Can also copy QR Barcode to a word doc & print it.

App uses Tablet camera as a barcode scanner:

See note 2.2 below "Connect with QR barcode"


Step 2. Install 'Fast Food Orders Web-App' on each kitchen Android display Tablet.

We recommend using 'Firefox' Internet browser on your Android tablets.

Use each Android Tablet to open URL https:/retailcp.ie/display

Select 'APK-Download-2' or 'APK-Download-1'

See details on main support page explaining features of APK-2 compared to APK-1.


2-1. Security settings to make sure Android screen or Tablet will allow APK download. 

On the 'Security Settings' of each Android Tablet, must enable the "allow apps from unsecure source" setting.


2-2. How to sign-in each kitchen display Tablet, to access your Clover orders.

Two choices: QR Barcode, or Admin user/password:
2-2-1: Connect with QR Barcode works for any Android Tablet, which has a back-camera as 'Scanner'.

When you download & install APK-2 or APK-1, click to Open:

Below screen shows on Tablet:

When you select [ Connect with QR ] button,

(Ref point 1 above. Have QR Barcode available on Laptop screen or printed page)


Point the Tablet (Rear Camera/Scanner) to view the QR Barcode.

App automatically scans barcode as below :

  Above is a test account QR code and is not of any use to Clover merchants, who each need their own QR barcode


Within seconds of scanning the QR (barcode) activation code,

kitchen-display Tablet will confirm  'Congratulations. You are Connected'. 

(If you use a large wall mounted Android tablet, that has only a front camera,

hold a printed page copy of QR barcode in front of tablet to be viewed by camera).


See below notes ( 2-4 ) for "Display app Settings" before you can view your Clover orders. 

2-2-2: Alternative way to connect: Sign in with Clover Admin user/password:
This option will ask for Clover owner email & password.
This will not suit merchants who do not wish to reveal password access to all staff.
That is why we recommend QR-Connect method.

Select [Connect].

Tablet opens URL to Clover Log-in:

with Clover owner/admin 'Email' & 'Password':


When correct email & password credentials are verified by Clover,

Tablet will 'Connect' to your Clover station order account:


2-3. Tablet is Connected.

Select (OK).

See notes below Display app Settings.



2-4. Display app Settings:

Before you can view your Clover orders, need to do use 'App Settings':

On tablet display app, select (3-dots) top right.  Click on "Settings:



2-4-1: Below choose ( A ) to only have 'OPEN' orders view available.

Choose default setting (B), to have option to switch between 'OPEN' & 'Completed' order views:


2-4-2: Above 'Refresh Rate is set to [ 15 Seconds ]. Can change that with drop-down arrow.


2-4-3: Above Order Time Limit is set to 5-minutes. Can change that.

This '5-minutes' is used by app to set alert [Due Now] if an order is not yet [DONE] = Completed with 5-mins.


2-4-4: The default setting will be (O) All 'Open-Saved' & 'Paid' Orders:

Display will show 'open' line items as they are entered in Clover.

If you want your kitchen to only work on orders only when they are 'Paid;,

Choose  (O) Only Display 'Paid' Orders   


2-4-5: Oldest Orders to display The default app settings is "2-hours":

With this setting, any order which was started on Clover more than 2-hours will re remved from display view:


Above use drop-down arrow to select & set a different 'Olders Orders age':

Many 'fast food' merchants set '45 minutes' as oldest any order will be before it's prepared & 'DONE'


2-4-6: Due Now: APK-2 screen above has one alert button to switch On or OFF: [ 'Due Now' alert]


2-4-7: Below see APK-1 has [3] Alert buttons, which you can switch ON or OFF:

New Order

Due Now

Sort Items by Quantity



3. Remove-uninstall older version from display-Tablet

(before you download latest "Fast Food Orders Display" Apk )

Use Tablet hardware 'Settings' -> 'Apps', -> ' Fast Food Orders' -> 'Uninstall', to remove existing APK install.

If APK install does not open first time, go to Tablet 'Files', & 'Downloads',

select most recent 'Fast Foods Orders APK' file by download date-time, & 'Install' & 'Open'.



Please email your questions to app@retailcp.ie

To receive a call-back, please include your tel no, city-time zone



App displays Standard Modifiers. Does not show items with Custom modifiers

It is not possible with this app to display items which have a custom modifier added.

Solution. Create many Standard Modifiers in Clover Inventory.

When customers request new modifier, such as 'no onions' or 'no milk',

then create a Standard Modifier for each of those requests.

(We recommend creating Standard Modifiers 'Late item', and 'Rush item'

to give clear communication to kitchen)

When you have many Standard Modifier Modifiers saved to Clover Inventory,

staff no longer need to waste time typing 'custom modifiers'.

Also, it's good business practice, that staff at counter do not create custom modifiers.



(Note our other display app, "Restaurant Live Orders"  see https://retailcp.ie/liverestaurant

That app will show Custom modifiers,

And that app can also filter/show line items for separate preparation areas, such as Drinks, Food, Pizza oven etc)



To show Customer name, or added note on display order view:


Solution: Use Clover 'Manual-text-order no' to allow free typing to replace order no ( 1-999):


Use Clover dashboard "Orders",=> "Setup", => "Order Receipts".

Under "Order numbers"

The standard setting is {O} Automatic (rolled over 1-99 or 1-to-999),

where Clover Register adds '1' for next order no.

To allow Clover staff to enter Text which will display as 'Order title:

Select 3rd button (o) Manual (cashier enters number/text)

& click on 'Save'.


Following that,

Whenever Clover cashier clicks 'Save' or 'Pay', Clover Register will allow typing for 'Order no-text'.


Clover cashier can type any text, such as customer name-address, or Customer Order no.

Or, any note such as 'Server's name' &/or 'Order ID'


Display Tablet shows that text as the Order Title:


Below is an APK2 view showing a name as Order title:



Please train staff not to delete Clover order when it is displayed on kitchen Tablet:


When a Clover Order is 'Deleted' , it remains on Food Orders Display view.

Display app cannot manage an order which is deleted.


1. Wait until 'Maximum Order Age':

If Max Order Age on Settings is set to 45-minutes,

that 'Deleted' order dissappears from screen view, when order-entry time reaches 45 mins:01 seconds.

2. Alternative ways to remove or ignore a 'error Clover Order:

If a customer decides not to go ahead with an order, or there are errors on order as entered on Register,

simply edit the order (reduce quantity to zero on line items which are not required for next customer order)

Can enter new items requested by next customer & 'Save'.

If a Text-order no was entered, which referred to original ordrer, simply change 'text-no'.


 For Apk-1; Can show Order types 'Dine-In', 'Take-away', 'Delivery'


1. Use Clover dashboard 'Set-up' to create/add Order Type


1-1: Create/add Order Type:



2. On Android Kitchen display tablet, SYNC Order Type

On top right of Tablet, select 'SYNC ORDERTYPE'



Order types show as below: