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Frequently Asked Questions


When you download display APK from this website onto Android Tablet,

Click on Install, then Open:

Below screen shows on Tablet:


When you select [ Connect with QR ] button,

(You need to have QR Barcode available on Laptop screen or printed page.

Use Laptop. Open Clover dashboard.More Tools.Installed apps.

Open Restaurant Orders app. Will re-direct to RetailCP support page. Shows QR Barcode top-left.

Can either point Tablet camera to vew QR code on laptop,

Or copy QR barcode onto word doc & Print page. use that page to connect Tablets in Kitchen )


Point the Tablet (Rear Camera/Scanner) to view the QR Barcode.

App automatically scans barcode as below :


(Above is a RetailCP test account QR code. No use to other merchants).


Within seconds of scanning the QR (barcode) activation code,

kitchen-display Tablet will confirm  'Congratulations. You are Connected'. 


(If you use a wall mounted Android tablet, that only has a front camera,

hold a printed page copy of QR barcode in front of tablet/camera).


App displays Standard Modifiers. Does not show items with Custom modifiers

It is not possible with this app to display items which have a custom modifier added.

Solution. Create many Standard Modifiers in Clover Inventory.

When customers request new modifier, such as 'no onions' or 'no milk',

then create a Standard Modifier for each of those requests.

(We recommend creating Standard Modifiers 'Late item', and 'Rush item'

to give clear communication to kitchen)


When you have many Standard Modifier Modifiers saved to Clover Inventory,

staff no longer need to waste time typing 'custom modifiers'.

Also, it's good business practice, that staff at counter do not create custom modifiers.


We recommend setting up all required modifiers as 'Standard'.

Saves staff time when entering orders.

Increases order accuracy:

Standard modifiers, descriptions & prices are accurate, without variations or typos.


1. To show modifiers with line items, use Inventory on Clover dashboard,

Set up Modifier groups & add modifiers to each group.



Suggestion: Can create a standard modifier named 'Late item'.

That can be added to any item ordered later than other same-similar items,

so that Barista or Kitchen can take notice 'this is a new item'.


Associate Modifier group or groups with Inventory items:



(Note our other display app, "Restaurant Live Orders"  see https://retailcp.ie/liverestaurant, does show Custom modifiers,

and can filter/show line items for separate preparation areas, such as Drinks, Food, Pizza oven etc)

To show Customer name, or added note on display order view:


Solution: Use Clover 'Manual-text-order no' to allow free typing to replace order no ( 1-999):


Use Clover dashboard "Orders",=> "Setup", => "Order Receipts".

Under "Order numbers"

The standard setting is {O} Automatic (rolled over 1-99 or 1-to-999),

where Clover Register adds '1' for next order no.


To allow Clover staff to enter Text which will display as 'Order title:

Select 3rd button (o) Manual (cashier enters number/text)

& click on 'Save'.



On Clover online dashboard, Set-up  


Click on "Order Receipts"



Under "Order numbers"

The standard setting is (o) Automatic (rolled over) where Clover Register adds '1' for next order no.



Turn-on Manual (cashier enters number/text) using Clover dashboard



Select 3rd button (o) Manual (cashier enters number/text) & Save.


Following that, when cashier selects ‘Save’ or ‘Pay’ after entering order line items,

the Clover Register will ask for 'Order no-text'.

Cashier can type any text, such as ‘a Name’ or ‘Address’ as the Order no.