Welcome to 'Hair Salon Scheduler' support site.

To download user guide, select "PDF Download" -> Top Right.

( App is not published. We hope to release it to USA Clover, in September 2016)


Purchase & open 'Hair Salon Scheduler' APP from Clover.com App Market.

On opening screen, select "Continue" to 'Sign Up'.


Step 1.  'Sign Up' on Clover station App

App imports Owner's Clover details. Edit Owner’s Email if required.

When Name & Password details are correct, select ‘Sign Up’.

The Password created above will be used to access our FREE Scheduler Web-App. See notes below. 


Step 2.   Business 'Set Up' on Clover station App             

App imports Salon Name, Address & Phone No.  Edit if required.

Enter Salon’s contact email, such as reception@CSalon.ie . 

This will show on 'Confirmation & Reminder' emails to your customers.


Can switch Emails Confirmations & Reminders 'On' or 'Off' 

[a]  'Confirmation' when a new appointment is made.

[b]  'Reminder' 24-hours before appointment time.


SMS-Texts messaging is available to EU Clover merchants in UK & Irl.

(SMS-text messaging service is not available to Clover USA merchants. Apologies.)

To save costs, a UK or Irish Salon can choose to switch-off SMS-text Confirmation,

but choose to continue to send SMS-text 24-hour Reminders, to reduce 'No Shows'.

When ‘Business’ details are correct, select 'Set Up'


Title-Roles used to set Variable pricing for 'service-products'                            

Four Pricing Levels are pre-set for Stylist Title-Roles, ’Director, Manager, Senior or Junior Stylist'.

Scheduler APP applies Price Levels to each service, based on Stylist Title-Role.

Can edit Title-Role desciptions, now or later, or add to nos ‘5’ to ‘9’, select 'Edit' & 'Confirm'

When details are correct, select 'Continue'.


Step 3. Web-App on PC is a convenient way to set-up Services & Stylist's details. 

Open https://hair.retailcp.ie/   to Sign-into Web-App with Clover owner's email & password.


Owner-Manager use their 'Clover' Email & Password to 'Sign into' Web-App as below.


Can use Web-App on any PC or browser device, to set-up Services, Pricing, Staff, Capabilities & Roster Hours.

Manage Appointments from home, back-office, front desk to View, Edit, Make & Complete Appointments.

Web-App includes our 'XLS Uploader' for FREE, to import Customer list in minutes into Clover dashboard account.


Step  4.  Add 'Services' & prices using Web-App, before setting up Staff-Stylists

You need existing services (i.e. 'Highlights' or 'Ladies Hair Cut') to be set-up first, to allocate to each Stylist’s capabilities.

Can specify that Senior stylists, Janet & Pauline, can do the list of Colouring services, and Ladies & Gents Hair Cuts.


How to set-up 2-services appointment, i.e. 'Colouring', with waiting-time, before Cut-Blowdry

We suggest you set full price against 'Colouring' with time-duration only for 'coluring' work.

Create a second service named 'FREE Cut-Blowdry with Colouring', with time-duration set for Cut-Blowdry work only.

Set zero (0) price for 'Cut-Blowdry', if you have set the full price against 'Colouring' service.

When Booking, set start time for 2nd 'Cut-Blowdry 'service, to allow for the 'waiting time' appropriate to customer's hair type.


Web-App.  Select Services. Type Service name, i.e. 'Ladies Hair Cut' or 'Half Head Colouring'.

Enter 'Duration', in minutes (average time you wish to allocate on calendar for this service)

Enter the Prices for each 'Title-Role' Director, Manager, Senior Stylist, Junior Stylist.


To save details, select ( Add New Service )

Can set-up Services, on either Web-App or Clover-station App as in notes below.


When all Services have been set-up, you can import & add staff-stylists, next.


Step  5.  Web-App. Add, Import, Update Staff-Stylists

Import Staff-employee details from Clover,using Web-App


Select Add New Employee & update Staff-Stylists details

Add Password for that Stylist to be used to log into Web-Client.





Use drop-down to select Services, 'Staff Capabilities' this Stylist can do.

Senior Stylist can do 'Colouring' & 'Ladies Hair Cut',

Junior Stylist might not be listed to do 'Colouring'.


Use drop-down to select Clover rights, Manager or Employee



Use drop-down to select 'Pricing' Title-Role,i.e Senior Stylist


View list of Staff-employees to edit or delete.


Edit Staff details.


Edit Staff Roster, working hour.



View all Staff by their Service-capabilities.


Add Staff Leave days & holidays.




Step  6. Can purchase SMS credits, only on Web-App.

On top right of owner's name, use drop-down to select from,

Business Account, to Import Salon Logo, and verify-update Salon details.

Purchase SMS credits, to enable system send SMS-texts to your customers.

Upload customer XLS list to Clover.



Business Account, to Import Salon Logo, and verify-update Salon details.


Purchase SMS credits, to enable system send SMS-texts to your customers.

Can only purchase SMS-credits via Web-App with 'Owner-Admin' Log-in credentials.


SMS-texts (UK & Ireland Salons) can be sent to customers, when an appointment is made-booked,

and/or we can send an automatic SMS-text Reminder 24-hours before appointment time.


To enable SMS-messaging, you need to buy the minimum 1,000 SMS-text credits.

Please have your credit or debit card available to purchase Online.

Follow on-screen notes & choices related to Country, Currency & VAT Reg No.

UK VAT-registered Salons pay Zero (0) % Export VAT from R-o-Ireland, under EU-Intra-Community rules.

If No UK VAT is supplied, we are obliged to charge VAT at Irish rate.


Upload Customer XLS list to Clover.

See FAQ Notes on 'How to quickly import hundreds of customer details using XLS Uploader'.



7. When Services & Prices & Staff & Rosters are set-up, & SMS credits purchased

You are ready to make appointments. Please also refer to FAQs.


Web-App. Calendar Month View, Appointments for All Stylists.


Web-App. History / List View. All appointments.


When Booking an appointment for an existing customer,

Web-App shows previous appointment's visit details.


Can also view todays Appointment List on Clover-station App, by List or Calendar.




Clover-station App below, to set-up Service-product.


Clover-station App. Update staff-stylist details.
Reminder, before you 'Create-Import' staff, ensure to have created all Services.


Clover-station App. Allocate the services a stylist can do. 'Staff capabilities'


After you select Stylists 'Role' & 'Capabilities, on Clover-station App,

Select 'Settings' & 'Edit Roster'to set next week's Stylists Roster hours.

When the Roster is set-up initially, App copies weekly roster times for next (10) weeks.

Each employee-Stylists Roster hours can be edited anytime.

Select  'Settings', 'Set Roster', and choose start & end times each day Stylist is available.



Clover-station App.  To create a new customer, select 'Book'. 

Enter new customer details & 'Save Customer details'.


Continue to make / book an appointment, on Clover-App, for this new Customer.


Select Day, Start time & service.

When more than one is available, select a preferred Stylist-by-Price.


Select 'Save Booking' & 'Add Service', for 2-part service such as 'Colouring' & 'Cut-Blowdry'.


View or Edit existing Appointment details. Mark as 'Arrived', 'No Show', or 'Completed'


View Calendar APP by selected Staff-Stylist, on Clover-station


View all Staff-Stylists on Clover station App


View all Service-products on Clover station App