Charge-to-Invoice App for Clover USA, has been tested successfully in a USA paint store.

Charge-to-Invoice includes a Clover station App, plus a Web-App.

Features automatic 'Customer Discounts by Product range'

And integrated Web-App which generates PDF invoices, on PC-Laptop with printer.


We are expanding the Web-App to include A-R Statements, with Aged-balance reporting.

The Invoicing App is integrated seamlessly with the Accs Receivable Statements.

The Apps will soon be sent for testing to Clover USA.

Subject to their approval, we will launch these on Clover USA App Market late August 2017.


Charge-to-Invoice App notes.

1. Clover station App sets up custom tender type "Charge-to-Invoice", to mark an order as 'paid'.

'Charged' Clover orders are billed later in week or end month.


2. App provides table of % discounts by [9] Customer Discount Categories, by [9] Product ranges (Labels).

When Clover order is marked paid by  "Charge-to-Invoice",

App applies discounts automatically per order line item.


3. Web-App generates PDF invoice which includes orders marked 'paid' by "Charge-to-Invoice"

Using Web-App on a Laptop or PC, can generate invoice for one order, or by date range.


Please email to to discuss your 'Charge-Invoice' & Accs Receivable requirements.