Charge-to-Invoice App for Clover USA, has been used successfully in a paint store since early Oct 2016

Due for release on Clover USA App Market late Oct, early Nov 2016.

Includes Clover station App with automatic 'Customer Discounts by Product range'

And integrated Web-App which generates PDF invoices, on PC-Laptop with printer.


1. Clover station App sets up custom tender type "Charge-to-Invoice", to mark an order as 'paid'.

Customer discounts are applied & order is billed later in month.


2. App provides table of % discounts by [9] Customer Discount Categories, by [9] Product ranges (Labels).

Web-App imports Customers & allows merchant update Customer Discount Category code.


3. When Clover order is marked paid by  "Charge-to-Invoice", App applies discounts automatically per order line item.


4. Web-App generates PDF invoice which includes orders marked 'paid' by "Charge-to-Invoice"

Using Web-App on a Laptop or PC, select 'Invoice' button & follow on-screen choices,

Can generate invoice for one order, or for a date range.

Select 'One' or 'All' Customers. Select date ranges. or, Select One Order.

Date now, for on demand invoice for Order just created on Clover

Dates 'from'  'to' for last week, last two weeks or last month, or any range of dates.

App generates one PDF invoice per customer, per date range (or Order if that is selected).