Existing Charge-to-Invoice app users.

The existing Charge-Invoice' and 'PayOnAccount' apps need to be closed down this summer 2020.


RetailCP new "Payments-Debits-Invoices-On account" replaces those two apps.

See features at;   https://retailcp.ie/paymentsdebitsinvoices


Please plan to move accounts onto new Payments-Debits-Invoices app.

We will help you to migrate 'Charge-invoice' account balances to new accounts web-app for "Payments-Debits-Invoices"

You will receive 30-days free trial of new "Payments-Debits-Invoices-On account" app


Please email to app@retailcp.ie with your merchant name and contact Cell or phone no.


The new Payments-Debits-Invoices app was published May 1st 2020.

Many Clover merchants are using this app and are very pleased with it.


We have many improvements to process orders and payments & create Invoices for 'House accounts'.

New Payments-Debits-Invoices web-app has Recurring payments using Card-on-file & Customer online portal