The Charge-to-Invoice & Payment-On-Account Apps for Clover USA, have been tested successfully in a USA paint store.

Subject to approval, we plan to publish-launch the Apps on Clover USA App Market in June 2018.


Charge-to-Invoice App overview:

Can assign Clover order as paid by tender type ‘Charge-To-Invoice', for repeat 'Activated' customers.

App applies automatic 'Customer Discounts by Product range' to order line items.

Web-App can generate PDF invoices on PC-Laptop, for 'charged' Clover orders, by Date range, or Order no.


Monthly App rental prices are designed to suit small, medium or high quantities of invoice lines per month.

  • Professional & Catering services with small or medium volumes
  • Hardware & paint stores with medium volumes
  • Any business which requires to put orders on 'tab' and charge customers who pay later.


One-stop solution from RetailCP

Subscriptions options include fully integrated Payments & A-R Apps:

  • Charge-to-Invoice, Clover station App & Web-app
  • Payment-On-Account, Clover station App
  • A-R, Accounts Receivable Web-App


All 'charged' order and payment transactions can be processed using one set of RetailCP apps.

  • No requirement to rent an external A-R accounts package.


Charge-to-Invoice App features include:

1. Web-App imports customers names from Clover account.

  •  Admin set-ups chargeable customers as 'Activated' & Tax-applied (Yes-No)

2. App provides table of % discounts by [9] Customer Discount Categories, by [9] Product ranges (Labels).

  • When Clover Register order is marked paid by 'Charge-to-Invoice' tender type,
  • Cashier selects 'Activated' customer to allocate order to.
  • App applies discounts automatically per order line item, for that customer's profile.


3. Using Charge-Invoice Web-app, the 'charged' orders can be invoiced by date range or by order number.

  • Can issue each week or 2-weeks or end month, as each merchant chooses.
  • Can invoice 'All Activated Customers' or select 'One' customer.

Extra subscriptions:

4. There is a subscription option to add A-R Statements Web-app, integrated with Charge-Invoicing.

  • Can process payments on Web-app & allocate to oldest or selected debtors invoices.
  • Can generate PDF Statements & Aged-balance XLS reports.
  • No need to pay for an external Debtors ledger (A-R) accounts package.


5. There is a subscription option to process 'Payments-On-Account' using Clover station App,

  • This app is fully integrated with A-R Statements Web-app.



All customer transactions are handled in one place, around Clover.

Everything is integrated within one RetailCP group of apps.

Many transactions are automatic, such as order line discounting & saving details into A-R accounts receivable.

No orders are forgotten when invoices are being generated.

Invoice PDF generation is simple, easy & fast. Select date range & 'Submit' button.

As soon as payments are processed via Clover station app, or Web-App,

then, up-to-date aged-balance Statements are available. Simply select date range & 'Submit' button.


Please email to to discuss your 'Charge-Invoice' & Payments management & Accs Receivable requirements.