Restaurant Live Orders Display

Subject to testing & approval by Clover, we hope to publish this app in January 2019.

  • We are currently testing the app during December 2018.


The app instantly displays order items after 'Save' or 'Pay' buttons.

  • App responds to Clover Register 'Save' & 'Pay' buttons.


Clover station R-Live app sends orders direct to display tablets, using local WiFi network.

  • Display tablets do not need Internet connection
  • The benefits are that app is very fast & reliable.
  • Orders show instantly when marked either 'Save' or 'Pay'.
    • No ‘refresh’ is required on display tablet.

Note: Displays must be 'Android' Tablets.


Tablet display app filters order items by preparation area, as selected from Label-ID Settings list:

  • Drinks-Barista ; Hot Food ; Appetisers ; Main courses ; Salads ; Pizzas ; Sandwiches ; Desserts
  • App uses Clover Inventory 'Label IDs' to identify those prep areas.


Kitchen display Tablet app settings page, choose (A) or (B):

  • App confirms below screen that Labels were synched.



Display features include:

  • Shows Clover Order type (Dine-In, Take-away, Delivery)
  • Highlights standard modifiers in Red font
  • Shows quantity three identical items as (3).
    • Can switch off the Qty sort option if kitchen prefer single line per item.
  • Action 'Done' button on each line item & overall order.
  • For App Settings option (B), can toggle between 'Open' & 'Completed' views.


App is perfect for:  

  • Café-diner / Coffee shots which need separate displays for Coffees & Hot food
  • Food trucks which have no Internet access
    • Offline Clover station can send orders to locally connected display tablets.
  • For dine-in sit-down restaurants: App works based on using Clover Register to enter Orders:
    • Display App responds to 'Save' or Pay' button on Clover Register order entry app.
    • App does not recognise 'Fire' button on 'Table App' or 'Clover Dining app'.


The app replaces the need for kitchen printers & saves on costs for printer ribbon ink & paper.

  • On Kitchen printers an updated order needs to be re-printed,
    • Wasts paper & time to re-read updated paper order.
  • On display tablets, the order details are updated instantly,
    • Faster, clear, up-to-date information to kitchen. Saves time.


See FAQ no 1. "How to connect each display tablet to 'Master' Clover station"

How to connect Android display tablets to Clover stations

  • We provide on-screen user notes on Clover station & display apps.



Examples below of orders by Kitchen preparation area & Open or Completed:


Below, Kitchen-ALL includes all preparation areas-items:



Below the display filtered for 'Starters' prep area. Only includes starter items:



Below, can expand order view into pop-up' by tapping anywhere on order # 27 on display screen:

Above Order # 27 is marked 'Done' by Mains kitchen area.


Below Order nos 27 & 28 were marked 'Done' by Mains area & are moved to 'Completed' view: