Restaurant Live Orders Display app is available on Clover USA App Market, since February 1st 2019.

NEWS UPDATE: March 4th 2019:

Display Tablet app version 1.19 now provides choices of 4, 5, 8, or 10 Orders per page-screen view.


Must only use an Android Tablet with O.S. 4.4 or better for kitchen & Barista order displays.

Any Tablet smaller that ten-inches will not be practical to view 8 or 10 orders per sceen. Too small to read easily.

If kitchen user wishes to see orders details enlarged, just tap midde of order details to get a pop-up screen.

See screen picture below with 10 orders on one view. This is from a Samsung ten-inch Tab-A Tablet.


The app instantly displays new order items on display Tablets.


  • Items show fast because display Tablet connects direct to Clover station-device using local WiFi.
  • (This display app does not need to get orders via the Internet from


The app filters line items to display on different 'preparation area' Tablets: 'Barista', 'Hot Food', 'Pizza oven'

  • App uses Clover standard Inventory Label-IDs which you create & name for each 'prep area'.



See FAQs (top right) explaining how to install & use the app:


  • The display Tablet app is downloaded from this page
  • The Clover station, Mini & Flex install automatically after you sign up on Clover AppMarket
    • Re-boot Clover devices after signing up to get the 'auto-install' after first sign-up.



Note to existing users from before 23-Feb. Clover station apk was updated Feb 23rd. See new features below:

  • All users, new & existing, must download the display APK version available above.
  • Click on "APK Download"


Can use a Laptop-PC to download & Save APK to a folder you can easily find ( i.e. name 'display Apk files')

  • Can connect each Android display Tablet to Laptop-PC using Tablet USB charging cable.
  • Use Laptop-PC 'Explorer' to copy APK and save it into Tablet 'Download' folder.
  • On Tablet, open 'My Files', click to install APK 'Restaurant display APK'. & 'Open' it
  • The alternative is to open Tablet browser on this support page & select 'APK Download'.



New features:


1. You can choose to view: 4, 5. 8, or 10: Orders per page.


Below setting is ( 10-Orders ) per view:




Below we set Tablet hardware Font size set to 'smallest':




Below page with ten orders per view on the 10-inch Tablet & where hardware Font size was set to 'smallest':





2. Can choose different Colors for background on each 'Order Type'

  • Use Clover 'Set-up' to create Order types (Dine-In ; Drive-Thru ; Take-away Walk-up ; Delivery etc).
  • On Clover station 'Restaurant Live Orders APK' Select [ Order Types ]
  • Ap screen opens & shows message: "Order Types synced successfully"
  • Select 'OK'.  Screen shows the Ordre Types from your Clover account.
  • Select colours on right of each Order Type. When finished, select return <- arrow top-left.


  • See examples below: "Drive-Thru"  "Walk-up"   "Sit-in Dine-In"  "Delivery"



3. Above shows 4-Orders per view, where Tablet hardware Font size is medium-to-large.

  • The view was set to 4-orders per page
  • If orders at lunch time have more items per order, can set to view 4 or 5 orders per page
  • Can scroll to right to see more new orders.


4. Can display 'Custom & Standard Modifiers'.

  • See above “Coconut flakes”. This was typed manually while entering order.
  • The other modifiers ("1/2 shot Espresso"   "1 shot Espresso") are Standard & were created in Clover Inventory.
  • Standard modifiers are more accurate & save time by not requiring typing while taking orders.


5. Can replace order no (1-99) with text on top line “Blue Pick up”, or “Tom Gina” etc were typed after ‘Saved’ Register order:

By using Clover set-up to “Manually enter order text-no” instead on 1-99 Order Recurring, Clover Register asks for typed order text-no.


6. The app filters line items to display on different 'preparation area' Tablets: 'Barista', 'Hot Food', 'Pizza oven':

  • Use Clover Inventory to 'Add Label-ID'
  • Allocate all coffee-tea items to 'Hot Drinks' Label
  • Allocate all Pizza inventory items to 'Pizza Oven' Label


Kitchen staff use Tablet app settings to choose which preparation area to specify:

  • Select from drop-down list based in your own Labels,
  • Example: Cold food; Desserts ; Drinks ; Mains ; Starters, etc


Kitchen display Tablet app settings page, choose (A) or (B) above:

(A) when you only wish to see 'Open' orders


(B) when you want to also view orders when 'Completed'



7. Clover station-device sends orders direct to display Tablets, using local WiFi network (LAN)

  • Display Tablets receive the orders direct & immediately from local Clover station,
  • Kitchen Display Tablet does not use an Internet connection to get order details.
  • The benefits are that display app is very fast & reliable.
  • Orders show instantly after entry on Clover.


8. Who is App designed for ?  It is perfect for:  

  • Café-diner / Coffee shops which need separate displays for Coffees & Hot food
  • Food trucks which have no Internet access
    • Offline Clover station can send orders to locally connected display tablets.


9. The app replaces the need for kitchen printers & saves the costs of printer ribbon ink & paper.

  • On Kitchen printers, an updated order needs to be re-printed,
    • Wasts paper & time to re-read updated paper order.
  • On display tablets, the order details are updated instantly,
    • Faster, clear, up-to-date information to kitchen.
  • Restaurant Live Orders Display app saves time, paper & money.



10. Restaurant Live Orders Display app features include:


  • Shows Clover Order type (Dine-In, Take-away, Delivery)
  • Highlights standard modifiers in Red font
    • (+ New line for each Modifier)
  • Action 'Done' button on each line item & on overall order.
    • [ Done ] button top right of each order to mark all lines 'Completed'
  • For App Settings option (B), can toggle between 'Open' & 'Completed' views.