Live Restaurant Orders Display

Subject to testing & approval by Clover, we hope to launch this App during May 2018


The Restaurants Live Orders Display App is suitable for every type of restaurant including:


  • Full Table Service,
  • Café-diner with Coffees & Hot food & take-away service
  • Coffee shops with snack food


The App separates Order items to display by different preparation area.

We use Clover Inventory 'Label IDs' to specify each kitchen preparation area,

such as 'Appetisers, Main courses, Salads, Pizza oven, Sandwiches, Desserts, & Drinks


‘Live orders’ means each Clover station app sends newly opened order details,

direct to Android display tablets, using the local WiFi network within the restaurant & kitchen.

The display tablets do not need Internet access to receive the ‘live’ orders.


No ‘refresh’ is required on display app.


Display tablets receive new orders immediately & automatically from any Clover device in the restaurant.


FAQ user notes will be provided to explain how to ‘identify-&-connect’ display tablets to Clover stations using the local WiFi network.


The app operates fast and is suitable for high volume Coffee shops,

for busy take-away service, and is very suitable for table-service restaurants & café-diners.


The app replaces the need for kitchen printers, and saves on costs for printer ribbon ink & paper.