Restaurant Live Orders Display app is available on Clover USA App Market, since February 2019.

Open Order line items show instantly on display Tablets.


Display app does not need Internet connecton to get orders via the from


Clover station sends order details direct to display Tablets using local WiFi.

The WiFi signal from local router is what connects Tablets to Clover station.

See the reply to FAQ no '9' "How to extend WiFi signal into kitchen for display Tablet".


The app filters line items to display on different 'preparation area' Tablets: 'Barista', 'Hot Food', 'Pizza oven'

  • App uses Clover standard Inventory Label-IDs
  • You use Clover Inventory to create Labels, which are the names for each 'prep area'.



Open orders view is for 'Drinks' preparation area:


Kitchen staff select preparation area, 'Drinks' or 'Mains' or 'Pizzas' or 'Salads' to view items ordered for that area.

To see all items ordered, set display Tablet to 'Kitchen ALL'.


Kitchen staff mark order lines or full order as [Done] to move lines-orders off the [OPEN] view.


Below, different Colour backgrounds can be set for each 'Order type':

"Drive-Thru"  "Walk-up"   "Sit-in Dine-In"  "Delivery"






Completed items below for 'Drinks' preparation area:


Customer names & notes typed on Clover register are displayed in 'Order-title'.



Line items & full orders can be removed from view by clicking 'Delivered' botton.




Completed items below for 'Mains' preparation area:


Customers names-details on top-line, Order title:






See FAQs (top right) explaining how to install & use the app:


  • The display Tablet app is downloaded from this page
  • The Clover station, Mini & Flex install automatically after you sign up on Clover AppMarket
  • Re-boot Clover devices after signing up to get the 'auto-install' after first sign-up.


plus FAQ no '9' "How to extend WiFi signal into kitchen for display Tablet".


Note to existing users. Clover station apk was updated Feb 23rd. See new features below:

  • All users, new & existing, must download the display APK version available above from this support site.
  • Click on "APK Download"


To download & install App onto the Android display Tablets,

they will need Interent access. to open Tablet browser on this support page & select 'APK Download'.

Or, can also use a Laptop-PC to open this support page & download-save APK to a folder on PC-Laptop

( i.e. folder named 'display Apk files')

  • Can connect each Android display Tablet to Laptop-PC using Tablet USB charging cable.
  • Use Laptop-PC 'Explorer' to copy APK and save it into Tablet 'Download' folder.
  • On Tablet, open 'My Files', click to install APK 'Restaurant display APK'. & 'Open' it



1. Display Tablet app provides choices of 4, 5, 8, or 10 Orders per page-screen view.



Below setting is ( 10-Orders ) per view:




Below we set Tablet hardware Font size set to 'smallest':




Below page with ten orders per view is on a Samsung Tab-A 10-inch Android Tablet.

The table hardware Font size was set to 'smallest':



Must only use an Android Tablet with O.S. 4.4 or better for kitchen & Barista order displays.

Any Tablet smaller that ten-inches will not be practical to view 8 or 10 orders per sceen. Too small to read easily.

If kitchen user wishes to see orders details enlarged, just tap midde of order details to get a pop-up screen.

See screen picture below with 10 orders on one view. This is from a Samsung ten-inch Tab-A Tablet.






2. Can choose different Colors for background on each 'Order Type'

  • Use Clover 'Set-up' to create Order types (Dine-In ; Drive-Thru ; Take-away Walk-up ; Delivery etc).
  • On Clover station 'Restaurant Live Orders APK' Select [ Order Types ]
  • App screen opens & shows message: "Order Types synced successfully"
  • Select 'OK'.  Screen shows the Order Types from your Clover account.
  • Select colours on right of each Order Type.
  • When finished, select return <- arrow top-left.



Different Colour backgrounds can be set for each 'Order type':

"Drive-Thru"  "Walk-up"   "Sit-in Dine-In"  "Delivery"







3. Above shows 4-Orders per view, where Tablet hardware Font size is medium-to-large.

  • The view was set to 4-orders per page
  • If orders at lunch time have more items per order, can set to view 4 or 5 orders per page
  • Can scroll to right to see more new orders.


4. Can display 'Custom & Standard Modifiers'.

  • See above “Coconut flakes”. This was typed manually while entering order.
  • The other modifiers ("1/2 shot Espresso"   "1 shot Espresso") are Standard & were created in Clover Inventory.
  • Standard modifiers are more accurate & save time by not requiring typing while taking orders.


5. Can save customer name as Order-title:

Can replace order no (1-99) with text on top line “Blue Pick up”, or “Tom Gina” etc were typed after ‘Saved’ Register order:

On Clover Set-up, click “Manually enter order text-no” instead on 1-99 Order Recurring.

Then Clover Register will ask for typed order text-no when order is marked 'Save' or 'Pay'.


6. The app filters line items to display on different 'preparation area' Tablets: 'Barista', 'Hot Food', 'Pizza oven':

  • Use Clover Inventory to 'Add Label-ID'
  • Allocate all coffee-tea items to 'Hot Drinks' Label
  • Allocate all Pizza inventory items to 'Pizza Oven' Label


Kitchen staff use Tablet app settings to choose which preparation area to specify:

  • Select from drop-down list based in your own Labels,
  • Example: Cold food; Desserts ; Drinks ; Mains ; Starters, etc


Kitchen display Tablet app settings page, choose (A) or (B) above:


(A) when you only wish to see 'Open' orders


(B) when you need to have options to show either 'Open' orders or 'Completed' views.



7. Clover station-device sends orders direct to display Tablets, using local WiFi network (LAN)

  • Display Tablets receive the orders direct & immediately from local Clover station,
  • Kitchen Display Tablet does not use an Internet connection to get order details.
  • The benefits are that display app is very fast & reliable.
  • Orders show instantly after entry on Clover.


8. Who is App designed for ?  It is perfect for:  

  • Café-diner / Coffee shops which need separate displays for Coffees & Hot food
  • Food trucks which have no Internet access
    • Offline Clover station can send orders to locally connected display tablets.


9. The app replaces the need for kitchen printers & saves the costs of printer ribbon ink & paper.

  • On Kitchen printers, an updated order needs to be re-printed,
    • Wasts paper & time to re-read updated paper order.
  • On display tablets, the order details are updated instantly,
    • Faster, clear, up-to-date information to kitchen.
  • Restaurant Live Orders Display app saves time, paper & money.



10. Restaurant Live Orders Display app features include:


  • Shows Clover Order type (Dine-In, Take-away, Delivery)
  • Highlights standard modifiers in Red font
    • (+ New line for each Modifier)
  • Action 'Done' button on each line item & on overall order.
    • [ Done ] button top right of each order to mark all lines 'Completed'
  • For App Settings option (B), can toggle between 'Open' & 'Completed' views.