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News update: 17th August 2020.

Two app display types available based on subscription selected: Kitchen display & Customer View:

See FAQ button top-right. See FAQ ( 1-A ) for details on all ( 4 ) subscriptions & monthly fees.


[ A] Kitchen Orders Display by preparation area, for Drinks & for Food items

New subscriptions with lower monthly fees: See Clover app-market on sign-up page:

Existing merchants. To get lower rate, open Clover dashboard. More Tools. Installed apps. Change Subscription.


[ B ] new Customer View: Tablet display facing customer. Version date 17th August

Customer View app shows line items with prices & Order totals.

Can switch between 'Order Entry' & 'Payment View' options (Ideal for Drive-Thru Restaurants)

Grocery store check-out can use 'Order Entry'

To see Customer View app showing orders, open product video here : https://retailcp.ie/customerview.mp4

Two subscriptions: "Customer View"; or "Customer View & Kitchen Display"

See Clover app-market on sign-up page:


For user notes on setting up Customer View app, see FAQs top right.

FAQ no ( 1-A ) explains how to sign up on Clover app market & obtain Clover station app IP address.

(Same IP address to connect Customer View or Kitchen display tablet to a Clover station which sends orders)





[ A ] Kitchen Orders Display user notes below. For detailed notes see FAQs top right.


1. 'Restaurant Live Orders' kitchen display filters line items for Drinks and Food preparation areas.

'Barista' or 'Hot Drinks', 'Hot Food' or 'Mains', 'Pizza oven', 'Salad Bar', etc preparation areas.


Kitchen displays show different color background for each Order Type: 'Dine-In','Take-Away', 'Delivery' etc.


Latest version Kitchen display app is 1.27 , dated Thursday August 13th 2020.

Above [APK Kitchen display ] can be downloaded above onto an Android tablet.

This has improved speed on [Done] button to move 'Open' item to 'Completed'

and better handling for Quantity Sort feature.

Existing merchants.

First uninstall app from Android display tablets, before installing newest Kitchen display app version above.


To install 'Kitchen display app', see FAQs 1, 2 & 3:

Summary: Open this web page with Tablet, preferrably using 'Firefox' browser:

Click on [Apk Download] above. 'Install' and 'Open'.

Use app settings (3-dots top right). LAN => Connect to server.

(Get IP address from Clover station LAN)

Settings. Select (3) 'Sync buttons'.

(Must get confirmation 'Synched OK' for 'OrderTypes, Labels & Inventory)



Features: 'Restaurant Live Orders' Kitchen display app:


1. Kitchen Tablets display items for selected preparation areas: Drinks or Food (by  Label-ID)

Only show Drinks for 'Barista' display tablet & only show food items for 'Hot Food' kitchen display tablet.


Each display tablet filters line items based on Clover Label-ID for each 'preparation area' :

I.e., 'Barista' or 'Hot Drinks', 'Hot Food' or 'Mains', 'Pizza oven', 'Salad Bar', etc preparation areas:


Need to create a Clover Inventory Label-ID for each Preparation area.

Associate 'Hot Food' Label-ID to items prepared in kitchen.

Associate 'Pizza Oven' Label-ID to pizza line items.

Associate 'Barista'Label-ID to hot drinks items: Coffee, Tea, Cappuccino etc.


2-1. Kitchen displays can show different color background for each 'Order Type':

Need to set Colors (Colours) for each Order Type:

See FAQ no 1 "SYNC Order-Types on Clover station & select Color for each Order Type"

(Order Types are not available on Register Lite)


Benefit: Kitchen staff can easily recognise each "Order Type" at a quick glance.

Such as "Drive-Thru",  "Walk-up",  "Sit-in Dine-In", "Delivery" as below screen-picture:


Below 'Open' orders view is set for 'Drinks' preparation area (Label-ID 'Drinks'):

Each Order type has different Color (Colour) background.


3-1. 'Done' button on each line item to mark that item as 'Completed'.

See Above screen:

Overall order [ Done ] button top right of each order to mark all lines 'Completed'.


3-2. Select App Settings option (B), to enable both 'Open' & 'Completed' views.


3-3. Display above shows modifiers in Red font

(+ New line for each Modifier)



4-1. Kitchen & Barista displays can only be Android Tablet.

App will work with Android Tablet operating systems (OS) from 4.0 to 10.

Using browser of Android Tablet, follow screens to 'Install' 'Open' & 'Connect to App IP Address from Clover Master Server'

User install notes are below and on FAQ notes. (See top right. Select [?] above 'Support & FAQs)


4-2. Which Android tablets to purchase:

Merchants may purchase any Android Tablet size 10-inches or larger.

4-2-1: Example: ELO Android Tablets.

Some USA Clover merchants have advised these work well and are good value for large sized Tablets

I-Series 2.0 for Android 15.6-inch AiO Touchscreen

I-Series 2.0 for Android 22-inch AiO Touchscreen


4-2-2: Example: Samsung Tab-A 10-inch Android Tablet is very reliable:


4-2-3: To view kitchen Orders on a large wall-mounted TV screen,

Can share Samsung 10-inch Tablet view wth large (* Samsung) Smart TV

Whatever order details are displayed on Samsung 10.1-inch Tablet, the same details show on Samsung TV screen.

Can purchase a Samsung HD Smart TV of any size.

Use Samsung 'Smart Connect' free s-w to connect Samsung Android Tablet to Samsung large smart TV.

Can Google "Samsung screen sharing" to learn how to mirror screen from Samsung Tab-A onto large Samsung Smart TV



5. Each Kitchen display has 3 'viewing' choices: [ Summary ]  [ Open ]  [ Completed ]


5-1. 'SUMMARY View': Totals by Open Items for selected Preparation Area display:

Shows total quantity (14) of 'Pan Fried Cod & Chips' and (12) 'Brewed Coffee'


The below is 'Kitchen-ALL' which includes all preparation areas (for kitchen manager-expediter):


To open our short product Video showing 'Summary' totals being updated/reduced when Open items are marked 'Done',

can copy this URL [ https://retailcp.ie/RestaurantLiveSummary.mp4   ] and open in a new browser window.



5-2. 'Open' view. Kitchen & Barista use 'Open view' to see & manage new Clover line items-orders.

Kitchen or Bar preparation areas: Select 'Open orders' view on Tablet app.

Select the preparation area from the drop-down 'Label-ID list:

Select 'Drinks' or 'Mains' or 'Pizzas' or 'Salads' to view items ordered for that preparation area.

To see all items ordered, set display Tablet to 'Kitchen ALL'.


5-2-1: Open items below for 'Drinks' items:

When Kitchen staff mark orders-line items as [Done], these move off the [OPEN] view,

and immediately can be seen under 'Completed' view.



5-3. 'Completed' view: Front counter (collection area) staff use 'Completed' view.

To see/know when items have been prepared (Completed) & ready for customers.



5-3-1: Qty Sort. See above, some line items have ( 2) or (3).

This 'Quantity Sort' settings is enabled as below, to show (number) of 'same' items with 'same' modifier:



5-4: Open View and Summary View of totals by line items from all 'Open' orders:

Below Open orders:


See below SUMMARY View of above OPEN items

5-5: Completed View. Can 'pop-up' one order for enlarged View:

Line items or full orders can be removed from view by clicking 'Delivered' botton.




User notes: Detailed user notes are available on top right [ ? ] button above 'Support & FAQs'


FAQs (answers ro Frequently Asked Questions) on how to install & use the app:

Can also email questions to app@retailcp.ie


Below are some quick user notes:


Note 1. Getting started with 'Restaurant Live Orders' display:

The Clover station, Mini & Flex devices automatically install this 'Live orders' app when you sign up on Clover AppMarket.

Can re-boot Clover devices, if app-icon does not show on Clover screen after first sign-up.


Must read and follow FAQ nos 1,2 & 3. ref Open Restaurant Live orders app first time on Clover station or Flex,

Installing display app from this support page,

including connection display tablet app to Clover station app (IP LAN address).


Note: You cannot use "Clover Go" to collect Clover orders to display with this app.

The Clover Go device does not have the capability to install the Restaurant Live Orders Clover station App.



Note 2. Clover station sends orders direct to display Tablets, using local area network (LAN)

Display Tablets receive the orders direct & immediately from local Clover station.

Clover Register orders are 'pushed' via local router (LAN) WiFi to the display Tablets.

Kitchen Display Tablet does not use an Internet connection to get order details.

The benefits are that display app is very fast.  Orders show instantly after entry on Clover.


See FAQ no 3 ref "LAN connections between display tablets and Clover 'master' station."


2-1: Tablets will automatically re-connects each morning, following this routine:

End of day, power-off display Tablets.

Each morning, tap/wake-up Clover master station & sign in. Open 'LAN' screen.

Power-on each Clover 'client' station/Flex.

Power-on each display Tablet.

Tablets will usually re-connect automatically when powered-on.


Must read and follow FAQ no 6, ref LAN Connections & how to RESET LAN at start if each day or work-shift.

also FAQ no '7' "How to extend WiFi signal into kitchen for display Tablet".



Note 3. Must set up Order Types on Clover 'Master app' when first installed:

When you sign-up on Clover appmarket for this app, it will install & show 'app Icon' on Clover station or Flex device.

Open the app on Clover device. Click on 'Sync Orders Type' button. App imports & shows Order Types

Choose the background colours for each order type (Sit-In, Delivery, TakeAway)

When Order types are set-up on Clover 'Live orders' app screen,

then go to display Tablet and open app 'Settings':

Must select (click on) all 3 SYNC buttons: [ SYNC Labels ], [ SYNC Inventory ], 'SYNC OrderTypes',

Only then will new order details show on Tablets.


To Clover users of Register Lite (No Order Types are available)

Register Lite does not enable 'Order Types' (Dine-in, Delivery etc)

Do not select 'SYNC OrderTypes', because Register Lite does not show 'Order Types'.

Only select [ SYNC Labels ] & [ SYNC Inventory ]


Note 4. Please avoid Deleting Clover Register orders:

When entering orders, please avoid 'deleting' any order during working day. This causes issues with display app:

(If an order was cancelled by customer or has errors, re-open & edit the order.

Reduce quantity to zero for items not required on next order. Add new items required by next customer & Save)

At end of work day, can delete any open orders.


Note 5. To install new display app version:

If you need to re-install display app, uninstall existing from Tablet.

(Tablet app "Settings" => Apps/or Manage Applications => select Kitchen Live Orders app => Uninstall).

To re-install, open this support page on Android display Tablet using 'Firefox' browser.

Click on "APK Download". Install. Open. Connect to server.



Remember on each re-install to SYNC [3 ] buttons: Labels; Inventory; OrderTypes.


Another way to re-install APK.

On Tablet, open 'My Files', 'Download folder', open & install APK 'Restaurant display APK'.



Note 6. Display Tablet app provides choices of 4, 5, 8, or 10 Orders per page-screen view.

For most Cafe-Restaurants where orders have more that 3 or 4 line items & some modifiers,

better to set  [ 4 ] or [ 5 ] orders per view, so that all order lines are visible.


Any Tablet smaller that ten-inches will not be practical to view 8 or 10 orders per sceen. Too small to read easily.

If kitchen user wishes to see orders details enlarged, can tap middle 'white space' of order details to get a pop-up screeen.





Note 7. App replaces the need for kitchen printers & saves the costs of printer ribbon ink & paper.

On Kitchen printers, an updated order needs to be re-printed, which wastes paper & time to re-read updated order.


On display tablets, the order details are updated instantly,

Faster, clear, up-to-date information to kitchen.

Restaurant Live Orders Display app saves time, paper & money.