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Coming soon: Subject to Clover testing & approval.

We hope Clover will test & approve this app by end January 2020.


If you have any questions, please read the FAQs [top right '?' FAQs]  or email to

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Payment-Debit-Invoice (PDI) App allows Clover merchants put orders 'on tab' for 'house accounts'.


PDI Clover App includes our fully integrated A-R (Accounts Receivable) online Web-app.

  • You will not need an external accounts system.


All customer orders & payments can be processed using 'PDI' app on Clover Station, Mini & Flex:


Credit. Can process payments via PDI app on Clover device:

  • Take a deposit or advance payment.
  • Take partial or full payment of account balance.
  • Customer accounts receivable (A-R) balance is immediately & automatically updated.


Debit. Can process orders for goods-services & mark as either a 'Debit' or for 'Invoice'


'Debit' Orders. Amount is immediately added to account balance.


Orders assigned as ‘Invoiceable’, can be included in PDF invoice, same day, end week, or end month, etc.

  • For end-customers who need line items form orders listed on PDF invoice doc,
    • Must mark their PDI orders as for 'Invoice'.
    • Further below & on FAQs, we explain how to generate PDF invoices.



Before you view video, showing 3 'Debit' orders & 'Pay balance' on card Trx,

please read these notes & screen pictures:


See below Clover orders, each assigned as ‘Debit’ to Bill Johnson, house account customer:

  • Each order amount is added immediately to customer A-R balance.


  • Order-1 above for $ 66.60. Select either 'Debit' or 'Invoice'.


  • Order-1 assigned as ‘Debit’
    • so that order amount is added to customer A-R balance immediately.


Follow sequence on video below:

We show all three 'Debit' orders are added to account balance:

  • Order-2. Amount $ 21.60 is immediately added to customer's account balance.
    • New balance = $ 88.20
  • Order-3. Amount $ 6.90 is immediately added to customer's account balance.
    • New balance = $ 95.10



Process a payment on Clover station using PDI App:

  • Select 'Payment' button. (above screen)


PDI app displays the balance. Either edit that amount or pay full amount.

  • Choose payment method: 'Cash', 'Card' or 'Check' (Cheque)
  • 'Card' was selected:
  • Below we pay full balance amount $ 95.10:

After successful card payment,

customer account balance below is automatically updated & reduced to zero:


Video below shows those 3 'Debit' orders & 'Pay balance' on card Trx:






PDI app includes our fully integrated accounts receivable (A-R) online web-app,

  • to generate PDF Invoices & Account-balance Statements
  • With PDI online A-R Web-app, you do not require an external A-R package.


End-customer can choose to sign up for own account on PDI 'Customer portal'

  • End-customer can view past transactions & stored PDF Invoice docs & account balance amount.
  • They can pay full or partial balance amount online.
  • PDI app processes online payments securely via First Data Clover payment gateway.



To get started using PDI App on Clover device:

When you are ready to sign up for & test PDI app for 30-day free trial,

please review the PDI user notes & (FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions:

On top right of this page, please select [ '?' ] above 'Support FAQ':


Payment-Debit-Invoice (PDI) App on Clover station-device:

Select & open app-icon on Clover station-device:

Search existing customer or create-add a new customer.


Add-create a new customer using PDI App on Clover station:


Above notes & video show how to process Debit (Inventory item) Orders & take payments via PDI app on Clover device.


Those PDI transactions are automatically available to PDI online Accounts Receivable (A-R)Web-app:


Web-app (A-R) Accounts Receivable is fully integrated with Clover 'on tab' PDI orders:

  • Clover station Payments & Debit-Invoice orders are automatically saved to Web-app customer account.
  • Saves time. No double entries. Very accurate.


On Web-app can generate PDF Invoices & Statements.


Customer portal allows end-customer view their transactions history & PDF Invoices & Statements by month.



Steps to process Orders as 'Invoiceable' & later generate an Invoice:

  • see FAQ no 3 for detailed notes on how to generate PDF Invoices


Orders for goods-services can be marked as either 'Debit' or for 'Invoice',

on the PDI App on Clover station:

Orders marked for 'Invoice' will be available on the Web-app as 'Invoiceable',

so that they can be included in a PDF Invoice doc.



  • 'Invoiceable' orders are not yet 'Debits' on customer account.
  • They need to be included in an invoice.
  • The invoice total will show as one 'Debit' transaction on Web-app account.



Tick the box beside the orders to be included in next invoice:


 Select button [ Create Invoice ]


When that is selected, app quicky shows [ Invoice created ] 


Below is the PDF Invoice, showing inventory line item & qty from Clover 'Invoiceable' order:




For orders marked as 'Debit':

'Debit' amount & order ref are immediately recorded by PDI App on Web-app 'house account:

The Clover order amount is immediately 'debited' against customer's web-app account.


Can immediately generate a customer account Statement showing 'Debits, 'Payments' & 'Balance':

Statement will include all Credit & Debit transactions during the month selected:

  • Can select the month for a Statement (month just gone or some previous month)


Below is the PDF Statement, showing above 'Debit' order & amount:


On Web-app can schedule that Invoices for 'ALL Customers' will be generated automatically:

  • Merchants can specify one of more days of month (1st & 16th am) to invoice all 'Invoiceable' Orders.
  • Or can specify weekly & which day of week
    • Orders previously billed will not be included
  • Task will be completed early am after midnight Pacific Time & before start of business day East Coast time
  • PDF Invoices will be automatically saved to each customers record
  • PDFs will be available for download by end-customer using own Customer online portal account.


For once-off Customer requests, can generate an invoice to include one or more 'Invoiceable' Orders.

Can select 'Quick Statement' to be immediately generated in PDF or XLS format for one customer:



Below you can select a quick report to see all customers account balances:

Either on XLS or PDF:

Below is a PDF doc showing balances list for ALL Customers:



Below is an XLS balances list for ALL Customers:

See above that Web-app list will include 'Business name' (Spring Restaurant),

if that was entered on Clover end-customer record.




Goods & services businesses whose customers need detailed PDF invoice doc:

  • On PDI online web-app, you can generate a PDF invoice at end week, or 2-weeks, or monthly.
  • with inventory line item, qty & price from 'on Tab' orders:
  • For those customers, mark paid order as 'Invoiceable'


  • If customers need balance on account to always be up-to-date,
    • then on Clover device PDI app, mark order as 'Debit'.


Example: For a customer with an existing 'Debit' balance on account,

  • When next order is put on tab as a 'Debit'
  • PDI App instantly updates customer's A-R balance to include that Debit order amount.
    • i.e. Clover PDI Debit orders are updated in real-time on A-R on web-app.
    • (Works for a customer in store,
    • or a Delivery driver with a Clover Flex, or service contractor with a Flex).


  • Take payment on Clover device PDI app.
    • Select PDI app [Pay Balance] button to take a payment for new updated balance.
    • App allows choice of Cash, Check or Card
    • PDI App on Clover device instantly updates Web-app customer account balance


Coffee shops at work locations, hospitals, offices, factories:

  • where regular daily customers prefer not to use card for every purchase:
  • Each purchase is processed very fast.
  • Simply click on 'Pay' & mark order as a 'Debit'.
  • Can process customer advance payment-deposit, or 'Partial payment' or 'Pay full balance'.
  • Account balance is always up-to-date (Debits, minus Payments = Account balance).


Events for association members who pay at the end of 2-3-or 4 days for goods or services:

  • Events where visitors-clients pay registration fee & put items & meals on tab.
  • At end of 2-3-or-4 day event, customers can pay balance via PDI at Clover device or via online customer portal.


New customer projects, which require a deposit when ordering goods or services:

  • Projects such as 'Weddings', 'Wedding dress', 'Custom furniture', 'Jewellery', 'Dental treatment',
  • Home & office maintenance services (Plumbing, Electrical, Repairs, Decorating)
    • whose customers pay an advance deposit & make 'partial payments'
    • Who will 'pay balance' at end of project.


Please email to with any questions which are not explained in the FAQ section.

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