PDI. Payments-Debits-Invoice App on Clover station & Flex devices.

includes fully integrated Recurring Payments-Invoices-House Accounts (A-R) web-app:

Published early May 2020. Available for Clover merchants in USA and Canada.

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PDI. Recurring Payments, Invoices & Statements for house accounts/repeat customers.

PDI app extends the features of Clover front-of-counter Point-of-Sale. See https://www.clover.com/

Allows Clover orders to be put 'on account' to be paid later.

Allows merchants process Cash, Card, Check payments on Clover POS and automatically update customer account balances.


We supply a fully featured PDI Accounts Receivable (A-R) web-app integrated with Clover POS.

Allows Clover merchants to:

Customise Invoice/Statement header & Logo. Can choose to include SKU-product ID.

Automatically general PDF Invoices & Statements end-week/end-month.

Allow customers create own online Portal account, to view Invoices, orders/payments history and manage own card-on-file.

Can agree Recurring payment contracts weekly/monthly: Pay Fixed amount Or ‘Pay-my-balance’.



All in one place. Accounts Receivable fully connected to ’Clover’ front-of-counter Point-of-Sale.

Merchants can schedule Invoices/Statements to generate automatically: Daily, Weekly, Monthly.

Can accept Deposit/Partial/Full/Advanced payments by Cash, Card or Checks.

Customer portal account automatically receives PDF Invoices/Statements. (No emails).

Customers can pay online via portal card-on-file.

Merchants will not need to use Quickbooks or any external accounts receivable system.

Because PDI integrated accounts web-app works better, does not need to SYNC (which Quickbooks needs)

Using PDI app on Clover with PDI web-app saves admin staff up to 4-hours per week.


Videos: See PDI app in action: Also useful for staff training.

[a] PDI app on Clover POS: [ https://retailcp.ie/pdi.mp4 ]  

[b] PDI Payments/Orders/Invoice [ https://retailcp.ie/pdi_detailed.mp4 ]

[c] Customer portal : [ https://retailcp.ie/pdi_recurring_payments.mp4 ]


Use cases:

Businesses that allow ‘house account’ customers/members to pay later for goods/services.

Any business that allows customers pay a deposit on a project or an item or a service,

where final payments will be made over weeks/months.

Wholesale & Distribution. Builders/Plumbing/Electrical/Paint suppliers. Maintenance services.

Marinas/Boat storage-rental. Facilities Rental. Jewellers. Furniture. Wedding services. Photographer.

Medical-spa services (quantity of sessions). Optometrist. Dentists. Dry cleaners. Car wash for corporate accounts.

Bar-restaurants in Golf-Sports-Country clubs, where members have 'house accounts'.

Cafe-restaurants phone-in orders for Kerb-side pick-up and deliveries.



Use PDI app on Clover POS to process payments and orders:



Process customer payments ‘to account’ on Clover using ‘PDI’ app:

Take a deposit/advance payment.

Take partial or full payment of account balance.


Cash, Card and Check Payments are automatically allocated to customer ‘account’ balance.

Account balance is always up-to-date on Clover station PDI app and on web-app.


Clover ‘house account’ PDI order is processed fast & efficiently: Increases customer satisfaction:

Sale-Debit button to process orders for goods-services.

PDI redirects to Clover register. Enter items. Select [Pay].

Mark order as either a 'Debit' or 'For Invoice'.

'Debit' (add Clover order total to account balance immediately)

For Invoice’ (when customer needs a detailed PDF invoice that week or month):



Schedule Invoices/Statements to run automatically, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly:




Note 1. Subscription prices are based on quantity of PDF documents created per month:

Merchants can view subscription prices and top-ups on Clover App Market.

Each Invoice is [1] doc. Can have as many invoice lines with item details as you wish on one document.

Each PDF Statement is [1] doc from the below subscription credits-allowancs per month:


Starter: 50 documents. US $ 30 . CAD $ 40

Medium: 250 documents. US $ 60. CAD $ 80

Large:  1,000 documents. US $ 90. CAD$ 120

Enterprise: 2,500 documents. US $ 150. CAD $ 200

During busy months merchants can purchase top-up credits for extra documents

Top up 'Qty by Price' vary for 'Starter', 'Medium', 'Large' or 'Enterprise' subscriptions.


Subscriptions to include Recurring payments for Starter, Medium, Large & Enterprise:

Clover AppMarket pricing displays 'R-xxx' to indicate quantity of Recurring payments per month.


Medium + R-100: 250 documents plus 100 Recurring payments . US $ 70. CAD $ 96.

Medium + R-250: 250 documents plus 250 Recurring payments . US $ 85. CAD $ 115



Note 2.   Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Click on [ ? ] Support & FAQ, top right corner of this page:



Note 3.  Installation quick start notes:

Sign up on Clover App Market. (See FAQ no 1). Can sign up for 30-day free trial .

(More Tools). Search for 'Recurring' or Payments' or 'Invoice'.

Select app: 'Recurring Payments-Invoices-Automatically'


When signed-up, the app named 'Payment-Debit-Invoice' will show on Clover station or Flex:

If not, re-boot Clover device.

First time to open app on any one Clover device, must click on [Sync tender] button.


Please email any questions to app@retailcp.ie


Note 4.  Quick start guide to enter PDI orders and payments on Clover device:

Can start a goods-services PDI order for 'house account' customer in two ways:

(a) Use PDI App, or (b) start with Customer/Register app


(a). Open PDI app on Clover device.


Search for an existing customer, or 'Create a new Customer' via the App:

Click on [Select] to view Tom Wates account balance (212.27),

which is always up-to-date with Debit & Payment transactions.


Select 'Sale-Debit' which re-directs to Register. Complete order.

Select : 

PDI app redirects to Clover Register. Enter items as standard:

Select [Pay] button: Screen re-directs to PDI app.


Or, the 2nd way to start a house account order:

(b). Start with Clover Register or Customer app.

Complete order. Select [Pay]. Select tender type “PDI-Debit”. Screen re-directs to PDI app.


(c). Either of above ‘a’ or ‘b’ ways to start an order, complete order by choosing either ‘Debit’ or ‘For Invoice’.



(d). Always start a Payment transaction for a PDI ‘house account’ using the PDI app.

Select 'Payment' button.

App displays the balance amount as below:


Can mark payment as either 'Cash', 'Card' or 'Check'.

PDI app will automatically create a 'Clover register payment order.


Videos: See PDI app in action: Also useful for staff training.

[a] PDI app on Clover POS: https://retailcp.ie/pdi.mp4  

[b] PDI Payments/Orders/Invoice https://retailcp.ie/pdi_detailed.mp4

[c] Customer portal : https://retailcp.ie/pdi_recurring_payments.mp4


 Note 5. PDI web-app includes a Customer Online Portal, as shown in above video:

Clover merchants can 'Invite' end-customers to set-up a Portal account (by email via web-app)

End-customers create own user name/password to register their account.

'Portal' Customers can view their Orders, Payments and Invoices & up-to-date account balance.

They can choose to pay full balance amount or make a part payment.

These online payments are processed securely via First Data Clover (FISERV) payment gateway.


 Note 6. Can create new 'Clover' customer using PDI app:

When using PDI App on Clover device, either search existing customer or create (add) a new customer.


Add/create a new customer using PDI App on Clover station:



Please email your questions to app@retailcp.ie .


To request a call back, please include Business name, Clover account merchant name, phone or cell no. Thank you.