Full-service Restaurant, Android-APP

Features include :: Separate Tablet views by Clover Label IDs, Starters, Mains, Desserts, Drinks.
Order Types (Dine In), (To Go), (Pick-up), (Delivery), on top of Order details.
Action buttons per line item & for overall order, (In Progress) (Done) ( Delivered) Waiters' View' Tablet has "AWAY" action buttons per Line Item & Overall order
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Restaurant Live Orders Display, Android-App

Restaurant Live Orders Display App is suitable for every type of restaurant
  • Full Table Service
  • Café-diner with Coffees & Hot Food & Take-away service
  • Coffee shops with snack food

Restaurant Live Orders App seperates items to display by different perperation area.
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XLS Customer Uploader : Web-APP

Features include :: Uploader opens with one click from your Clover Dashboard.
‘Browse’ XLS file, ‘Select-Open' & ‘Upload’.
When format is correct, we show Customer details on screen before you confirm ‘Save to Clover’ .
This is a fast and easy way to import Customer name, Email, Tel, address to Clover
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Fast Food Orders Display, Web-APP

Features include :: Displays Clover orders on Android Tablets in kitchen.
Order Types (Dine In), (To Go), (Pick-up), (Delivery), on top of Order view
Settings for [1] very fast kitchen, & [2] to view Open & Completed views.
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Charge to Invoice / Pay on Account, APP & Web-APP

Features include:: Web-App generates PDF invoices, on Pc or laptop.
Automatic 'Customer Discounts by Product range'.
A-R Statements with Aged-blanance reporting.
Seamless integration with Accounts Receivable Statements.
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