XLS Uploader is a fast and easy way to import Customer details list to Clover.

When you have purchased 'XLS Uploader' from the Clover App Market, 

the Icon { XLS Uploader } will be 'enabled' on your Clover Dashboard.


See 'PDF' User notes, which you can download using link, top right >>.

( Online Website. Separate discussion. We can also quote to improve your online website.
If you need to improve your website tobe 'responsive' for smartfones & tabletbrowsers,
or to enable Online ordering to connect with new Clover system,
please email your website URL & contact tel no to app@retailcp.ie. Thanks )
1. Divide large lists into 1,000 per upload list.
For XLS lists of more than 5,000 customer names, divide the list in 1,000 at a time.
See note ( 5 ) below. After you select [Accept] to Uploader on Clover App Market,
and then select [ Launch ], we supply a sample XLS.
You must copy-paste customer list into the sample XLS.
Save sample XLS a number of times as list-one, list-two [ One empty sample XLS for each 1,000 names].
Only use one sheet (of 1,000 customers) on each separate saved 'Sample XLS'
'Uploader' task starts with a ...please wait message....because it takes time for Clover.com site
to transfer each customer record, one-at-a-time, into your Clover account, via the Internet.
2. Verify your Clover 'Customers' records before and after each use of XLS Uploader.
To make sure not to duplicate your customer list, use either your Clover online account, or Clover station,
to review existing saved customer names , before & after each 'Upload. 
Suggest you search for first two & last two customer names on uploaded XLS,
to verify the list of 1,000 names have been correctly uploaded & saved to Clover.
3.  If you stop 'Uploader' (or it stops) before it has completed 'Uploading' a long list,
Use Clover online account to Export all saved customer names.
Compare the Clover-exported list to original longer list. (Sort both lists by surname).
Then divide the names (still to be uploaded) into smaller lists of maximum 1,000.

4. Tips on fixing simple issues with XLS lists

Make sure there are no blank Rows. I.e. Do not leave every alternate row empty.

Make sure columns are empty after 'Country' & that Rows are empty beneath last name.

This is very important to avoid getting empty customer records

(Highlight Column to right of 'Country', drag mouse to right & highlight many columns,

then, 'Right-click' mouse & delete)

(Highlight row beneath last row with customer name, drag mouse down, & highlight many Roms down,

then, 'Right-click' mouse & delete)


XLS Uploader automatically removes spaces from post codes,

because Clover does not accept spaces or characters within Postal codes.


For most Clover merchants, with customers in same country,

it is not necessary to include 'Country code' on customer address details.

If you need to include 'Country code', Clover accepts '2 characters' only.

I.e. 'US' for United States,  'IE' for Ireland & 'GB' for Great Britain, or 'UK' if you prefer.

XLS Uploader will highlight in RED any 'Country' text with more than 2 letters.

See FAQs on how to correct Telephone numbers within an XLS file.
See FAQ no ( 9 ) on how to edit-&-update large list of existing customers.
5. We provide a sample Excel (XLS) sheet with correct formats.

You can download the sample XLS by selecting the 'Click Here' link on 'Welcome' page.

That welcome page opens when you use your Laptop-PC.

Open Clover Account & select [Launch] XLS Uploader.


Use our sample XLS & paste one column at a time, this always works.

( Don't use existing XLS list. Copy & transfer detaails onto Sample XLS ).

Copy 'One Column' at a time & when you 'Paste into 'SampleXLS', always start with same top row before ‘Paste’.

‘Save As’ that XLS to your PC Documents, into a ‘Customer List' folder.

Suggest you name the file (Customer List & ‘today’s date’).

Above process will ensure the XLS import works first and every time. 

We support 'XLSM' 'XLSX' 'XLS' standard file formats.



6. To upload the 'XLS' which to saved when you added names to our sample XLS ,
Select & Open (XLS Uploader Icon) on your Clover Dashboard.
Select 'Browse', Identify the XLS file on your PC, Laptop. Select Open & ‘Upload’



7. We show imported Customer details for you to review.

We verify content & highlight in RED any customer records which need be corrected.

If more than Two letters are entered in 'Country', Uploader displays error text in Red.

​If customer details do need to be amended, select 'Return to Previous'.


Re-open Excel-XLS file on your PC, Edit any 'red highlighted' customer details & 'Save' that 'XLS file'

Go back to 'Uploader' screen, select 'Remove',  & re-select 'Upload' to select the amended 'XLS file'.

View & Verify all details are correct & confirm 'Save to Clover'. 




8. View customers on your Clover online account, or on Clover station.

Verify details are correct by viewing & editing some of the imported customer records.
To verify that all names were added to Clover, search 'Customers' for
  • first few names, middle names & last few names from XLS list.
Below are sample names & are not real people.


Support. If you get an error message,  please check the FAQs.

If you do not find an answer to your issue, please email to app@retailcp.ie.