XLS Uploader Web-App, from RetailCP is a fast and easy way to import Customer details list to Clover.

A lot faster than typing in those details.

Merchants can use XLS Uploader as many times as they wish at no added cost.

For one Clover merchant account, pay once-off sign-up fee only.


See notes below and FAQs (Frequently asked questions-replies), on how to use the App.

see new feature, FAQ no 7, how to auto-delete existing Customers, when original list had errors


Tuesday 16th April 2019, XLS Uploader has been updated:

Each customer record can include Two (2) Phone nos and Three (3) emails.


App automatically removes invalid email details form any 'Email Address' columns,

(Clover does not allow 'Customer' records to be created with invalid emails)


Can re-arrange Columns on XLS list in different order-sequence

Must use identical 'header texts' as in Sample XLS;

[ First Name] [ Last Name ] [ Email Address ]  [ Phone ] [ Address lines ]  etc,


You can delete XLS list columns that are empty.

If you have only First name, Phone, Email Address, then three (3) columns are all you need.


App does not permit more than 3,000 names per XLS upload list.

Must divide very large lists into maximum 3,000 customers per list.

You will see this error message after the 'Preview' prepares the list,

(before you can select 'SAVE to Clover'):


Other improved features:

Can specify Opt In for "Marketing Allowed"

Can include a "Note" field-column, so that text-notes can be uploaded with each Customer

  • Clover allows maximum 2,000 characters to be saved in "Note" field.

App will automatically remove spaces from 'Postal' (Clover does not accept spaces in Zip / Post Codes)

  • Clover allows maximum 10 characters, with NO spaces in Zip-post-code.

XLS List to import-upload can include blank-empty rows or columns. Uploader app will ignore those.


Can remove all existing customer records with one button ( CLEAN UP Customers )

If existing details need to be amended on all existing stored records.

And when you have a new 'clean' updated XLS list ready to Upload,

First, 'CleanUpCustomers' before you Upload new list.

That is to avoid having 'Duplicate Customer' records on your Clover account. See FAQ nos 6 & 7.


To get started, use the PC or Laptop which has the list of customers.

Open your Clover account online dashboard & open the ICON "Xls Customer Uploader,,,"

Our Xls Uploader web-app opens to the screen below.


Open the sample XLS & save to your PC-Laptop.

Do not change any text on any headers of the Sample XLS.

Prepare lists with maximum 3,000 names & copy details into Saved Sample XLS.

See notes below on how best to copy customers lists onto Sample XLS.


1.    When you have purchased 'XLS Uploader' from the Clover App Market,

App icon will appear on on your Clover Dashboard.

Select the Icon (Xls Uploader. Import thousands ,,, )

Web-page opens & provides (Download Sample XLS) link-button.


Download the sample XLS.


Two ways to use our sample XLS:

( A ) Copy-paste names onto sample & Save XLS list to your 'Documents' to a 'Customers' folder.

Copy 'One Column' at a time from existing list & paste into sample XLS.

Always start with same top row cell (box) before ‘Paste’.



( B ) Open existing XLS list and replace the existing column headers with the exact header text

which you can copy from the sample XLS : i.e. [ First Name] [ Last Name ] [ Email ]  [ Phone ] [ Address lines ]  etc,

Must use-copy identical 'header texts' from Sample XLS onto list to be imported.


'Save As’ the prepared list to PC-Laptop to a 'Customers folder', where you can easily identify when using 'Upload'.

We support 'XLSM' 'XLSX' 'XLS' standard file formats.


2.    To upload the XLS customer list, select & open (XLS Uploader Icon) on your Clover Dashboard,

Select 'Browse'.

Identify-select the XLS list (file-name) on your Laptop-PC documents folder.



Select 'Upload'

We show imported Customer details for review.

​If customer details are all correct, select 'Save to Clover'

Select 'Finish' to return to XLS Uploader main page-screen.


We verify content & highlight in RED any customer records which need be corrected.

If more than Two letters are entered in 'Country', Uploader displays error text in Red.

If more than 2,000 characters are entered in 'Note', Uploader displays error text in Red

​If customer details need to be amended, select 'Return to Previous'.
Edit XLS where any customers details are highlighted in Red text.

Save that XLS file,  return to 'Uploader' screen, select 'Remove' (so as not to use errored list).

Re-select 'Upload' to import corrected XLS file.

View & Verify all details are correct & confirm 'Save to Clover'. 

If you confirm 'Save to Clover' before you correct customers marked in Red text,

App will upload all other customer details & will ignore-skip those highlighted in Red text.


3.   App shows how may Customer names are being uploaded:  xx/ yyyy




4.   To verify all names have been imported to Clover account, you can ‘Export’ all names:

Clover will generate an XLS list including names entered manually & imported via Uploader.

On Clover.com online dashboard account, as below, open ‘Customers’ & select ‘Export’.


5. Tips on fixing simple issues with XLS lists

XLS Uploader automatically removes spaces from post codes,

because Clover does not accept spaces or characters within Postal codes.


Uploader automatically removes invalid information from 'Email Address' columns

because Clover does not accept invalid email addresses.


XLS Uploader automatically removes-ignores empty Rows & Columns.


For most Clover merchants, with customers in same country,

it is not necessary to include 'Country code' on customer address details.

If you need to include 'Country code', Clover accepts '2 characters' only.

I.e. 'US' for United States,  'IE' for Ireland & 'GB' for Great Britain, or 'UK' if you prefer.

XLS Uploader will highlight in RED any 'Country' text with more than 2 letters.

See FAQs on how to correct Telephone numbers within an XLS file.( Format tel-nos as 'Text').

6. To remove all existing Customer records from Clover account (before a new list is imported):

See extra details and screens on FAQ nos 6 & 7:

If existing details need to be amended on all records, or notes added to records, etc,

select the [Clean Up Customers] button, top right of page-screen.

Confirm ( Yes, remove all customers ).

Web-app will show progress as it removes all customer records.

Select ( Finish ) to return to main Uploader page, where you can upload new corrected list.



7. Support. If you get an error message,  please check the FAQs.

If you do not find an answer to your issue, please email to app@retailcp.ie. 


Thank you for using XLS Uploader.

You may review other RetailCP Apps at https://retailcp.ie/